Saddle and wheel parts.

Hey guys I am trying desperately to build up a new uni on a budget. What I am looking for is extra saddle and wheel components. If you have some extra parts piling up what you want to pass on or you need a little extra cash this is what I’m looking for:

Complete Saddles
Seat covers
Seat Foam
Bumpers and handles
Isis hubs
Trials/Street Rims
Complete 20" wheels(for a reasonable price)
Trials tires ( I prefer TryAll. Decent tread only please)

I’m willing to buy part off of people for reasonable prices. Let me know what you have. Make me an offer , show me some pics!

Thanks guys

I have 150mm ISIS venture cranks in very nice condition, $30.

sorry. Dont need cranks. Got lots of extras

If price is your biggest concern I don’t know if you can do better than the Qu-Ax 19" MUni wheelset from Goudurix for $50. It’s not the lightest out there, but with an extra 12 spokes it’s bound to be one of the strongest. Plus it’s already put together. Shipping isn’t too bad either. I’d bet that you’d have it in your hands for under $65.

Goudurix doens’t have the specs listed, but on the Qu-Ax site it looks like the full uni has:
45mm double wall rim
Qu-Ax Yellow ISIS Hub
48 spokes

I’d call Goudurix and talk to Benoit if you have any questions. He’s really helpful.

Are you building this for yourself it someone else? Cause i know you break everything.

I have a DX32 rim 19", a Luna tire, and a couple of front bumpers.

I’m trying to build a new trials on the cheaper

Hubs? can anyone give me a deal on a hub?