Saddle, again...


As you may remember my former posts (not too many of them) concerned the saddle. Originaly I didn’t have my own unicycle and was considering trying to adapt bicycle seat as soon as I get my own wheel.

Now, lately I have bought a Nimbus 29" Road unicycle. The riding is not a problem, I can go at least 500m without dismounting and would go on if not the discomfort…
The unicycle is equipped with gel saddle but no matter how I set it’s angle or height or both combined, it changes nothing.

I’m desperate, after yesterday’s riding my nuts hurt. I feel that time will not change anything in the matter of comfort but I want to unicycle. I also now realise how stupid it is to mount a bike seat as it would be even more painful. I’m afraid that buying any of KH seats wouldn’t change anything.

So the thing is… Has anyone a solution? Has anyone tried to convert a saddle somehow so that it is “noseless”?

My idea is to cut as much of the saddle as possible, set the angle so that nose is point as much to the sky as possible and to compensate the lack of thigh control by keeping my hand on the handle all the time.

Here’s a rough visualisation created in Paint.

Could that work?

Some people find that the Nimbus saddles have too much curvature, so they crunch the jewels; I can’t stand (sit) the Nimbus saddle.

Try a KH Freeride.

You are better off selling the saddle, no amount of modification will make it better.

The difference is in the shape and firmness of the foam, the nylon seat bases are the same for Nimbus and KH.

If you modify the seat you will have a hard time reusing the cover, so then you end up buying a new cover, better bet it is to buy a new seat.

I had a nimbus seat and it truly is uncomfortable. like NB said get a freeride. it got less curvature and the foam is perfect!

I stopped unicycling for 20+ years because of saddle discomfort. Then I bought a KH. The saddle has made all the difference.

+1 to Nurse Ben. I have a Nimbus Gel on my Nimbus Trials. It is okay for cruising the park and short rides, but I would never do any distance on it. Ouch! The Freeride on my KH 36er is perfect!

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll go with a KH saddle then but I guess I will wait until 2012 line is available.

I got the KH slim on my trials and its so so for distance. idk if i would use it.