Sad Day for trampoline unicycling.

DOes anyone remember that trampoline I was hopping on with my uni in my vid yard riding(in my gallery in my sig). Well today it was blown 20 feet in the air came low enough just in time to wreck my fence and blew another 2-3 acres through the desert. Needless to say its F.U.B.A.R. I got some of it on my cell phone camera but dont have the cord to put it on my comp to show you.
But if you remember where it was in my yard and how big my yard is youll see how far it flew!

That sucks. Here in Reno, we get wind like crazy, I’ve seen Giant Porch umbrellas a good 200 feet in the air, and my friend tramp has been blown around a few times.

I keep my tramp down by putting bricks on every other bar in the middle. It should prevent windiness.

Speaking of tramp riding, when you get around to it, work on a backflip. I’ve come close, but I got sick of trying. Maybe when it gets nice outside in a week or so Ill shoot some video of me trying.

I have trouble enoguh trying to do it like Crazy Karl in u2. I think il try to front flip, allthough on my feet im better at backflip, don’t know how that works. Im gonna have some trouble fixin it though and my fence, Whats Ironic is right before it blew away i said to my brother we should tie it down.
Later Ninja.