Sacramento Unicycle Club

Hey All,

The Sacramento Unicycle Club lives in 2018!

We have scheduled 5 new meetups, at 1:00PM on the 3rd Saturday of the month, starting January 20th, and extending through May for a start. For now these will just be simple sessions to meet and ride with other unicyclists, and to sharpen skills.

The plan is to schedule some more interesting rides once I see what sort of turnout we have for the skills sessions.

Anyone is welcome, and if you should find yourself in the Sacramento, CA on the 3rd Saturday of the month, please come on out are ride with us!

Here’s a link to the club meetup page:

Happy Riding!

If you haven’t already, make sure USA knows. They love to hear about new clubs, or old clubs that are restarting.

Hey Jason,
Thanks for starting/reviving a Sacramento-area unicycle club! I will try to make it to some of your meetings. I think I’m already committed for Jan 20 (big march downtown; I think I’ll use my 6-footer, which is better in a crowd than a big wheel. I plan to make a sign that says “Very Stable Genius” on one side, and “NOT” on the other) :slight_smile:

I’ve added your meetings, through May, to my calendar. When I do make it down, I’ll bring a variety of unicycles to play with (if people are tall enough)!

Good thought blueharmony; I’ll send them a note. Calling it a club might be a little generous though; the highest attendance so far has been three, including myself. Its always fun though! Its just so cool seeing and riding with someone else on one wheel.

Thanks for the interest John! You and your tall unicycles will be most welcome. I’m 6’2", so at least I’ll be able to ride them if no one else :slight_smile: