Sacked the Movie ( teaser)

hey everyone,

I (justin) have just finished sacked the movie ( teaser) and we were thinking about actually making a movie when we get our newer clips onto the computer( and when i get my onza:D ), sotell me whatcha think about the riding/editing.


OK, I’ve been teased.
Where in the gallery have you put this teaser? A link to the video would be helpful.

I think I found it: Justin’s Untitled album


sorry guys/gals,

i forgot the link but there it is /\

Well all i saw was bits and pieces of it because aol kept knocking me off, this happened about 10 times!!! But the editing looked great in the begining of the movie, since thats all i really saw of it.

that is a fun vid to watch!thanx.

i waited awile to download it since ive got a 56k but it was worth the wait…good music too!

Royal Riders Rule!..after the MUni Militia of course :smiley: