Saab Salomon Mountain Mayhem, Birmigham (UK), June 21st/22nd

No Redbull this year - the new sponsors are Saab and Salomon.

Anyways, the registration forms are now available.

So far I’ve heard from 6 other people interested in taking part.

The price has gone up this year to 185 pounds per team. If the teams are
all male (which is the current situation), there’ll be 4 per team i.e. a
cost of 46.25 pounds per person.

I was already unsure of whether to continue with “Redbull” this year or
divert my attentions elsewhere. That price isn’t helping to keep my
attention - but I’ll see how the team numbers stand.

So, anybody out there (male or female) fancy a gentle ride around a park
just west of Birmingham (England) on the weekend of June 21st/22nd 2003?

Similarly, anybody who has previously registered interest in this
endeavour, please let me know if you’re still up for it given the
current information.

Current names in the frame:
Me, Alan, Roger, Tall Paul, Other Joe, Chris and Simon.

This event usually gets booked up very quickly so speedy replies please.


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