SA UniHoki Gets Some Press

a journo came to our last game and this is the result

a couple of points
the 'not entirely serious quote i first read on the Luni website and i did credit it as such
the journo chose not to mention it

the 20 players refers to the total amount of people who have played at one time or another and not the amount of people likely to pitch up at any given UniHoki Sunday

the ‘grace of a ballerina’ comment was a quote i read here somewhere and i used while trying to explain muni to him during a discussion on the other growth-ares af unicycling

as for the ‘international league of unicyclists’ and ‘bruising your ankles on the bar that holds the seat’, your guess is as good as mine
i did mention the 378km figure to him, but i did make it clear that it was a 24hr effort
he even asked me to spell ken’s surname for him so i figured he had that right

so far this article has lead to the discovery of one potential new player who’ll join us this sunday
a TV station also phoned me and arranged to come do a shoot his sunday
should be fun

Very nice! And we finally have a picture of you on a unicycle. :slight_smile:

excuse me
u were saying?

OK, so we now have another picture of you on a unicycle. :slight_smile:

Nice article, though wouldn’t it be nice if journalists let you proof read for factual errors before it goes to press? I guess that might be too much to ask. Still I suppose it’s only pedantic unicyclists who’ll notice.

Let us know how the TV thing pans out.

Re: SA UniHoki Gets Some Press

they came to do the filming on sunday
they wanted to do more of a general unicycling show, with a focus on unihoki so they asked us to do all sorts of stuff on unis
there was some skinny-riding on the wall around the rink and some trials stuff
a bit of juggling and passing on unis
i tried skipping but i’m sadly out of practise
we also did a couple of different mounts
devin (the guy with the airseat) played the flute on the uni and we had some raffie and coker riding in there as well, just to give an idea of the range of unicycling activities
they recorded some interviews with players and got oodles of footage of the game, including some fun stuff with the cameraman running with his camera about 3" off the ground, just following the ball

it’s being broadcast on a show called KWELA on KYKNET, Channel 35 on the DSTV service, tonight between 20h00-21h00 CAT
i don’t know of this service being available anywhere outside of Southern Africa

i have arranged for it to be recorded in digi-format and will stick it up in the gallery as soon as i have it
it might be a chunky download, esp for a show in a language only klaas bill might understand, but i’ll let u know closer to the time

if u’re in SA, check it out
it’s our 15 minutes and we’re making the most of it

Re: Re: SA UniHoki Gets Some Press

Nice one. Sounds like they kept you busy.

How did the show turn out? Let us know when it’s online, I don’t care about the language I’ll understand the unicycling and chunky downloads are what broadband is for :slight_smile:

i’m getting the digiversion tomoro so i’ll have it up after lunch sometime
it’ll definately be up by this time tomoro
i’ll stick up the whole thing and maybe just cut out some of the action-bits for the non-broadband people

i didn’t see the show myself last night so i’m waiting to get see it as well
my mother thought it was fab
but i guess she would

Video-clip of TV segment on SA UniHoki

here we go

the four hours of filming led to this 4minute insert
unfortunately the quality of this version (3.3mb) is rather crappy
the gallery would not allow me to upload the 7.7mb version
if anyone has any advice on this issue, shout
my searches led me to believe that there is a size-limit on files but that that limit is fluctuating
i’ll try again later

i might also do a translated transcript
either later today, or tomoro

i’ll shout

Re: Video-clip of TV segment on SA UniHoki

i’m shouting, i’m shouting
does anyone know how i can upload a textfile to the gallery?

here it is in the meantime

Studio Anchor: At school, we used to use the bikeshed
(the afrikaans word for shed sound very simmilar to the afrikaans word for hockey)
to smoke, fight or make out, but here’s something
else. Cycle-hockey is something i can hardly imagine, and even
less so when it’s played on unicycles. But it is an established
sport with rules very simmilar to ice- and inline hockey, the
difference is that the players don’t take it too seriously. Here’s

Therese:(riding towards the camera on a b*cycle)

U get ice-hockey, inline-hockey, underwater-hockey and
indoor-hockey, the latest thing in South Africa, is
Unicycle-hockey. I decided to give it a go.

(on rink, riding towards group, stops)
Dave: Excuse me?, what are u doing on the rink on your b*ke?

Therese: I’m sorry but i’m looking for the guys playing
Dave: Well, take off the training wheel, this is UniHoki.

Therese: OK, i think i’ll just watch.

Voice Over:(just after the kickup mount and into the

This is apparantly warm-up exercises.

Therese: Seems to me these guys aren’t just Unicycle Hockey
Players but also Unicycle acrobats.

Therese(in VO): How did u get to play Hockey on unicycles?

Dave: Well, we started off just riding around on unicycles and
then started working our way thru the 10 International Skill
Levels where u learn skills including riding with one foot, riding
backwards and the very important left and right turns. As we
worked thru the levels, we learnt a variety of skills that
improved our general riding abilities. But nothing improves your
general riding abilities like playing UniHoki.

(game starts with vuvuzela-Le Mans start)

VO: Before UniHoki officially started in South Africa last year,
the riders would get together on a regualar basis to entertain
themselves on their unicycles.

Therese(in VO): How did the unicycles and hockey get together?

Dave: The first example of it is in a German movie of 1925 where
two performers play a mock game with a walkingstick and a hockey stick and a piece of cloth wrapped up as a ball. That’s the oldest ref that we know of.
(this was originally in answer to a slightly different question -
editing and all that…)

VO: The game started taking off in the US and Europe during the
sixties. The hard hockey ball was later replaced by a tennis ball
and as a result, the players don’t need to wear protective gear.
Fun is the only motive.

John Molteno: I thought i wanted to try it and it’s very addictive.

Jason Matthews: Great, great fun.
(but u probably got that)

Devin Howell: It’s lekker. (afrikaans slang term incorporating
nice and kewl)

John Molteno: It keeps u fit and it’s good for the body and mind.

VO: And it’s an affordable sport. A uni will cost u about R500 and
u can pick up a second hand stick from around R30.

Dave(in VO): What u need is a sense of balance and a sense of fun.
And u must be able to ride a unicycle.
(so dave, do they say DUH! in south africa? another comment
slightly out of context…)

Therese: Seems to be…oops (as johnj UPD’s while idling/juggling)
In this sport u never have enough practise hours behind u to
ensure that u won’t ever fall off again.

Dave(in VO): Between 10 and 20 hours practise time, that’s saddle time and initially that saddle time is spent in very short bursts.
(on screen) U have to bear in mind that it’s impossible to ride a
It’s just that some of us have figured out how to take a very long
time before we fall off.
(with apologies to Charlie Dancy - but they didn’t include that so
i’d like to include it here)

VO: and the bigger the wheel, the higher the speed and the harder the fall.

Therese: I thought that since i can ride a twowheel cycle, i can
ride a unicycle. Dave, what does it take to ride a unicycle?

Dave: Well, it’s only half the amount of wheels so it’s only half
as hard.
First we have to determine which is your favourite foot as it
isn’t always the same as your dominant hand.
Turn around. Look thataway.
Now we know it’s your right foot.

Garth: There u go

Therese: Oh no, there is no way.
I’ll (*) fall over backwards so quickly…

{(*) she nearly used a way more extreme form of the word ‘fall’,
one that would most definately not be broadcast friendly, she
caught herself in the nick of time - hence the exagerated smile at
the camera.}

VO: Aparantly the secret lies in leaning forward.

John Molteno: It’s the craziest sport i’ve ever played.

Dave(in VO): Since most of the players ride the 20" wheel, the top speed is basically a brisk walk so u never really have serious

VO: U need 10 players for a game, 5-a-side for 30 minutes. And
everybody gets a chance to fall, by accident, obviously.

Devin: On my legs i have many hurt. (devin’s afrikaans really

JohnJ: I did my knee…

VO:Oh!, the legs are the first thing they show but there aren’t
really any nasty scars.

Dave(in VO): Most of time u when u fall off the cycle u land on
your feet and it’s only the ego that gets bruised.

JohnJ: I can’t see anything.

Therese: It isn’t NEARLY as difficult as i thought.

Cameraman’s voice: Ok, let go of her, let go of her.

Therese: No, no, uh-uh.
And i always thought i had a good sense of balance.
It may be very exciting, but i think i’ll stick to two wheels…

Re: Video-clip of TV segment on SA UniHoki

Nice little piece there. It’d be nice in higher quality as I’m sure in real life you’re not all that square and pixelated :wink: Oh and I did understand a couple of words.

When we rode mount Snowdon with a film crew a whole days filming there plus another day with Will Stevens came out to about 8 minutes. I’ve got a low (5.76MB) and higher (44.3MB) quality version up of that so you ought to be able to upload a larger file (both here if you’re interested).

Re: Video-clip of TV segment on SA UniHoki

very cool…that was weird, they were all like, "oogledyboogledy bla,’ but then suddenly, they were speaking English! but then before long it was ‘oogledyboogledy bla’ again.
but yes, very nice tv report. unihoki sounds like a fun sport, methinks I’m gonna try sometime!! I’ll join you guys next time I’m in south africa :wink:

Re: SA UniHoki Gets Some Press

On Fri, 1 Jul 2005 06:51:00 -0500, “GILD” wrote:

>>‘here we go’

That’s a very nice segment of Uni Hoki coverage. And nice to be able
to hear and understand you in Afrikaans!

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Re: Re: SA UniHoki Gets Some Press

i was wondering about that
i assume it was easy enough to understand
do we have any forum people who speak Flemish?

Re: Re: Re: SA UniHoki Gets Some Press

(Continuing off-topic drift)

Janklaas Claeys is a native Flemish who posts very rarely here, as is Lode de Paepe. Would being Flemish make Afrikaans easier to understand (compared to being Dutch)?

I’m not sure if Flemish and Dutch are ‘officially’ being considered as different languages.

Klaas Bil