SA unicyclist takes on the 94.7 cycle challenge

a gentleman by the name of craig mullen will compete in this years Pick 'n Pay 94.7 Cycle Challenge
it’s a 94.7km street race thru the streets of johannesburg
the 94.7 is the frequency of the radio station that organises the event
more info @

i’m trying to get in touch with the unicyclist in question and hope to get a race report from him which i will post if i get it
i’m also trying to get in touch with him 'cause it’ll probably be my best bet at getting a chance to ride a coker;)

the race is described as ‘the world’s toughest race for the world’s toughest people’, so think happy thoughts for craig on sunday morn, will u?


Why is it tough? Is it really hilly? Find the guy and ride the Coker. Then you’ll HAVE to buy one.

I had an opportunity to use the greeting, “namaste,” in a Himalayan restaurant here. It was well received. Thanks.

yeah, pretty seriously hilly
this race contains more hills than the cape argus cycle tour
still no luck in tracking him down
watch this space