?'s on raising seat post 1 " for Muni


I have been riding for about 6 weeks with the seat post at the current position. Up until then, I had the seat post 1" higher and I lowered it all at once to improve my hopping skills. I decided to back off on the hopping and gapping and move more into just riding Muni( single track and fire roads - no drops or big hopping needed).

I was out for 1.5 hours last Friday just doing a fire road on a stock Miyata seat, no less. :astonished: But the seat highth felt a little low. I have an afternoon ride coming up this Saturday for the first time with fellow Muni rider Scot Cooper. We will be out for a few hours.

My question is, if I just move the seat back up 1 inch to the original position, all at once, will this mess up my balance for Saturdays ride? I think it would help my knees a bit.
Would I be better off just leaving it at the highth it is now and gradually, over time, move it up?

There are some moderate to steep climbs in the mountains where we will be riding.


Work the maze.

I tend to ride with my seat a little lower than usual when Im out for a Muni. You never know when you will need to hop up something or go down a few steps. The only time I really ever put it up to full height these days is when Im on a transport stage to get to another trials or muni area!

I think you just get used to it wherever it is, but if your knees start to hurt, get it right back up there.


a quick release seat collar or an allen wrench in your pocket would give you the convienance of finding out fast…

I put two marks on my seatpost:1 for Muni and 1 for riding around. I have a quick release and change back and forth, sometimes 3 or 4 times in a ride (to the trail, Muni, back home etc.)
Anyway the only problem I have is with mounting. It gets a little difficult but it soon resolves itself. Give it a shot :slight_smile:

Put it so that you can comfortably go down stairs or over some small stuff, but high enough so that you can ride more easily.
-David Kaplan