?'s on healing wrists&arms tendonitis[Muni]

Well, I am down for the count. Not sure how long. I have what appears to be tendonitis in both arms and wrists. The left wrist hurts when I rotate it with any weight on it. Lifting my 25lb. son hurts a lot. Even shaving creates pain. When i place an ice pack on the left forearm, that hurts if I raise it.

This sucks. No riding. I go back to the doctor this week for another appointment to finish a physical and find out how to get myself healed.

I would like to have be more prepared for the doctor visit.

Does anyone have any experience in dealing with this? I have been reading about cortizone injections, but they can create problems farther down the line for the tendons.

HOW LONG to have something like this heal, if possible?

Any ideas on how best to nurture this injury to operational (MUni and trials) health.

I can’t even ride the 29er around the block. I did a three miler on city boulevards here in “The Valley” thinking I would be able to ride the 29er, and my left arm was in pain from merely using it to offset the road crown. I only had it out partially and even that created pain.


Been there, done that, thankfully only with one wrist! If it is tendonitis then the best thing to do is REST. I was told to do this with an 8 month old, rested it as best I could, still wound up with a couple of cortisone injections and finally surgery to release the tendons. Apparently in tendonitis the tendons become inflamed and start to rub against the tendon sheath. If the inflammation can’t be controlled they basically open you up and slit the sheath around the tendon. This relieves the pain and the sheath heals a little larger than it was before which gives the tendon some extra space to move.

Treatment includes anti-inflammatories, immobilisation of the sore bit, and REST (I was told to go easy on it for a good few weeks)! This is always easier said than done, especially with work and kids and driving places etc etc etc. Physiotherapy can also help in some cases. If you’re into what your doctor will probably call “Alternative Therapies” then visiting a chiropractor could also help. I find taking some of the omega 6 and 9 (I think those are the numbers) fatty acids help. If I don’t take them (I get mine in capsules from the pharmacy) I definitely feel more discomfort. Anti-oxidants can also help in some cases.

If it’s fairly sudden, affecting both wrists, something that gets worse through the course of the day, and you can’t think of any repetitive stress injury that has caused it, get your thyroid functions checked. About a year or two after the tendonitis I had a scare when my hands and wrists started hurting. I thought I was developing arthritis. It would be OK in the morning but by the afternoon I’d be rubbing my hands and wrists to try to ease the pain. Turned out I’ve got an underactive thyroid, and a daily dose of eltroxin made my wrists all better.

As for nuturing the injury - WEAR PROTECTIVE GEAR if you’re in a situation where you’re likely to hurt yourself. You can also get support gloves which should be worn when you are doing something that is likely to hurt the wrist, but NOT for normal use as you don’t want to weaken the surrounding muscles. I have a wrist brace somewhere in the house that I wear for heavy use only - like when we were moving offices, that sort of stuff.


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> Well, I am down for the count. Not sure how long. I have what appears
> to be tendonitis in both arms and wrists. The left wrist hurts when I
> rotate it with any weight on it. Lifting my 25lb. son hurts a lot.
> Even shaving creates pain. When i place an ice pack on the left
> forearm, that hurts if I raise it.
All depends on treatment and luck: after 5 years my right forearm
tendonitis, generated by too much pressure used in a twisting ( screwdriver
like motion), is still not properly cleared.
Is there no riding you can do that does not really involve your arms too


Arnic and Trameel ointments, acupuncture, proper diet, and drink lots of water. That’s my .02.

Thats ARNICA, sorry.

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My girlfriend has/had tendonitis on and off for about 3 years now. The best thing to do is avoid repetitive movement (e.g. typing at the computer). Obviously that is sometimes very difficult to do.
What might help is a properly placed keyboard, so that your wrist is straight and your hand is aligned with your lower arm.
Suppoesly gel pads in front of the keyboard/mouse do more damage than they help.
She wears splints every night (to not sleep with a bent wrist) and even sometimes during the day (again for typing for example).
Finally have your doctor perform tests on your arms to find out if it is carpal tunnel syndrome. Those tests are painful, but important. Her doctor found out that she has carpal tunnel syndrome on the right hand and she had surgery not to long ago.
For the left hand it remains to be tendonitis and she can do some therapy.

One more thing: To get the inflammation of the tendons lower she also takes Aleve or Naproxen.

Hope this helps!


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About Tendonitis … um … get in touch with a physical therapist, and do what they say. They probably know better, seeing as how it’s their job to do so. And from the looks of things, it’s not exactly something that you can safely leave to chance or your own homemade remedy. Find a professional authority on the topic and consult them, the quicker the better.

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Sorry to say it, but I have to disagree with just about everything
that has been said: Rest, antioxidants, homeopathics, mumbo-jumbo
juice, etc. are all of minimal help.

While resting may help some cases of tendonitis, it doesn’t work in
bad cases and it isn’t the fastest way to recovery. Light activity is
key to healing. That means stretching, low intensity exercise, and
other activities (e.g. playing a musical instrument) that don’t make
matters worse. Here are some exercises my doctor gave me
[http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~cline/exer/Exercises.html], don’t mind that I
called them exercises for climbing since they were originally called
exercises for overhead sports. For wrist strengthening, I like curls
(forward & reverse) and supination and pronation exercises, but it
what you need really depends on what exactly is hurt. Do rest for a
few days if it is particularly bad, but more than a week of rest is
wasted. Try for high reps (say 30), and avoid making the pain worse
as best you can. Warm up is especially important when you have an
injury, so ride, or run, or whatever you do to get the blood flowing
before stretching or exercising the wrist. Stay well hydrated and eat

The hard part is getting back on the unicycle and wanting to pull as
hard on the handle as you used to. The desire to test the injury as
soon as the pain subsides is very strong, but don’t give in! Ride
easy for a while and keep the sessions short. Pay attention to the
pain and cut future rides short if your wrists start hurting. Almost
paradoxically, this can allow you to get fit and strong enough to go
much further than you used to by building strength and toughness.

Tendonitis can take a long time to heal. Don’t give up. See a doctor
if you feel the need.

Good luck.


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Oh Man does it pain me to say this… But I agree with pretty much everything Ken said.:smiley: Rest is almost never a recommendation anymore. Exercises that target the supporting muscles make all the difference. I have a shoulder, and knee injury that cause all sorts of agony if I lay off exercise for any amount of time. Though riding is exercise for some parts of the body, it is tough on other parts. The exercises make all the difference.

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> Oh Man does it pain me to say this… But I agree with pretty much
> everything Ken said…

Thanks, bugman. Let’s hope I was wrong about that other subject. But
either way please understand I never had anything against you

I did forget one important bit of advice. Ice, ice, ice. My
experience has been that ice is far more effective than NSAIDS
(ibuprofen, and the like) for these injuries.


Thanks everyone for all the tips. I am really glad I got all sides of the issue. It gives me a lot to think about and I really appreciate Ken’s comment about not giving up. Any other sharing of experiences is encouraged.

The injuries are definately unicycling related. The wrist was originally injured a year ago when riding down some stairs when I held on too hard to the handle. Then, this summer, I was working lines on a some tough technical sections and I hurt it again. It was the same pulling on the wrist injury again, but I rode on it anyway, thinking it wasn’t a big deal.In the past months, I have really been pushing trials and this has involved a lot of hopping. It quietly took it’s toll, and then in the past two weeks, I knew something was wrong when the pains in the wrists and arms didn’t go away and every day activities resulted in pain. The pain got worse even when not riding - That scared me.

Unicycling has been such a wonderful experience for me, the best sport I have ever been involved in and it has consumed me the last three years. I love the sport! I am 43 and not ready to give up, though the thoughts these past few days have been just that.

Thanks again!!