S.O. Hopping. Easier???

I was messing around today and went up to rolling hop this small box(1 1/2 feet) but my wheel was in an odd position so at the last minute without thinking I prehopped and hopped to the left, clearing it(barely). I have never hopped to the left, as I recall, so I went back and redid the ledge on the right and the left. The left side was easier and higher than the right. This is really weird since I hop to the right normally…

My right hand is on the saddle my right foot is forwards and I am hopping to the left.

I had always thought about switching hands, because it makes much more sense to hop while pulling the uni from the opposite direction as the hop, but never switching hop side. I think I am going to give it a week and see if I can do other things better to the left, like grinding and grabs.

If anything I will be now able to hop both ways… Swick!

Being an ambisided hopper would be pretty sweet. Id never have to turn around to hop up stuff…

So it seems to me that you should hop away fom your saddle hand. Now I just have to check whether hopping with the foot forwards or back is better.

People generally hop better on their freehand side.

Would the freehand side be the weaker hand/stronger foot forward to the strong foot side?
I’ll try that again. I’m right handed/left foot forward. For seat out should it be to the right or left. Also how about seat in?

That’s odd because I do a weird thing like that to. I find it comfortable to hop to the left, but I can only crank grab to the right. Weird huh?

I agree, hopping to the empty handed side is much easier. Especially in pedal grabs, because otherwise you have more weight away from the obstacle, so it’s a ton easier to fall…