S.i.f Question Overload!

How do you hold the seat when hopping Seat in front? what i do is hold it with my right hand on the SIDE of the MIDDLE BIT of the saddle, my thumb on the surface of the seat and my fingers curled around the edge of it but i dont know if thats correct
How far away should the seat be from you?
Is it tiring?
How high do I hop? (this is hopping on the spot BTW)
I use a kh 20 trials.

Any other tips?

(If this is in the wrong section or you complain thats its been discussed heeps just dont post, i really need this help)

Right section, right spelling so i guess i should reply…
Only thing is did you search?!?! Just jokes, but if you did you would’ve found quite a bit of info as this has been raised quite a bit in the past.
First of all your holding position is correct, this is how i hold it anyway.
There is no real answerto how far your seat should be from you - i mainly keep it pretty close to me but others find it works better away from you for certain things… i find it feels smoother with the seat closer as its more in line with your body balance.
It will be tiring and stressful on your arms until you get used to it, but once you have done it for a while it’ll just be the norm.
To hop high you need to crouch when you hop… bending at the knees also to bring the uni up underneath you as far as possible… this feels rather stupid and hard at first but keep at it.
If you do a quick search, i cant be stuffed at the moment, you will find a tutorial video for SIF hopping - have a look at it and see what you can pick up.

I hold it on the side of the seat just a little bit back from the seatpost. The way you described is just fine as long as it comfortable for you.

Um, normally you want the back of the seat resting up against your body a little bit, but don’t put too much pressure on that or it will restrict your movement as well as rubbing your thighs sore.
If you’re actually using SIF to do high jumps or gaps, etc. you should pull the seat up and away from your body so you can tuck better.
Just don’t ever get too dependent on holding the seat up against your body.

Yeah it’s pretty tiring at first but as you get better at it and can do it more efficiently it’s not that bad.

Not very high. You don’t want to waste much energy doing that so keep it small and simple, just enough to correct your balance.
Try working on still stands, and also when hopping in place think of it as little tiny micro still stands between hops, instead of bouncing like a pogo stick.

Unfortunately, practice makes perfect. The more you practice the better you get.
If you can’t already, make sure you can ride SIF really well. Being comfortable pedaling SIF helps a lot with hopping SIF.
Experiment with different ways of riding SIF; try holding the seat out away from you as far as you can, bend your knees and ride low, learn to ride SIF in all different positions. This will help you a great deal with being comfortable and flexible for SIF trials.

Tip: try to get aaround 50cm height with your seat in first, and then move on to hopping with your seat out - this will give you a head start and will save you learning seatout when you can barely get any height anyway.

Good luck convincing him. Im giving up telling people that, they just seem to ignore it, carrying on riding SIF thinking they know better. There loss I guess though.

Harsh/ Ignorant much? Maybe people will feel more comfortable… there has to be with some people moving to Sif has made them a better rider… You can’t honestly say it will be better or worse.

bad day huh?

but I don’t get how because now I get 4 pallets sif but if I go and try si I bust my nut and it hurts my back bending over with the seat so low so Im all for listening to you advise because
you guys are good and have been ther but it dosen’t work for me any tips??

It was ment pretty lightly, I put it out there more as a joke.

I havnt seen you ride so I cant say exactly but I am asuming you are the same as the others.

The way I look at it is, if your sidehopping SIF and you dont get anymore tuck than you would if you were doing it SI whats the point in doing it SIF? SIF you have to have better controll so realy it just seems you are making it harder for yourself.

The reason I suggest being able to hit 50-60cm SI is because at the hight you should have good pedlal ballance and you will probably be finding, even with a realy low seat, your butt will be hitting the saddle as you try and tuck more. At this point your seat is restricting you. You can still go higher (as demenstrated by JH) but for quick results turning to SIF can add quite abit to your hop, relatively quickly.

I have said this many times now but it seems most ignore it.

adjuggler, the reason I asked you to post a full body shot of you hopping onto those three pallets SIF before was to try and prove to you that you were not gaining anything from being SIF. Unfotrionatly you didnt post a vid.

Its upto you, as long as you have fun and enjoy it.

okay that makes sense thanks for the explanation I shall do that :slight_smile:

IS that riding at it then jumping slightly to the side? Riding out STRAIGHT at it and hopping? SIde hop with no pre-hop? Sidehop with prehop? For some odd reason I can hop higher when I ride along the side of the object or wall and then i lift up the uni and jump, that way i can jump higher then side hops?!

You ride up to your obstacle and stop between 50cm and 1m away from it, side on, with the obstacle on the side that you hop towards naturally. Have one hand on the handle. Do little balance hops to keep you on the spot until you are ready to go for the hop. When you are ready, jump towards the obstacle leaving yourself enough side-to-side room to get up it, kicking your pedals down and then lifting up as much as you can to get up the obstacle, all with your seat between your legs, which is seat in.

Not Me,

From what I have noticed, some of the best riders keep the seat in, unless they are going big, Walk before you Run…

If I can get where I can go 2 feet high with confidence I would be happy. :smiley:

just go out and ride, and learn. soo easy

Is there a pattern here?

a stretch

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And another?

sorry about the last one but he seriously posted “you are” 8 times in a row on one thread

I like your idea. If there was no such thing as the forums or interent unicycling websites, I probably wouldnt matter when learning the tricks but I always like tips and stuff.

you are.

I see…


I have 89mm cranks on my 20". Will that make it more difficult to learn SIF riding? Will it be choppier?

On my 20 I’ve tried cranks in 89, 102, 114, 127, & 150. IMO 114’s are the easiest.

At first I had a lot of problems w/ the wheel wanting to zig-zag and the seat flopping left to right, so 102’s were easier than 127’s. Now that’s not much of an issue and those two sizes are about the same difficulty but in different ways.

Too long and the wheel wobbles too much. Too short and it’s hard to get enough leverage to control the wheel, but for riding straight it’s not too bad once you get going.