S.I.F hop hight

how high do you hop riding sif withought a pre-hop

I can hop allllmost up 3 pallets seat in…
And up 0 pallets seat out :smiley: well maybe 1 if i actually tried

I dunno why, but i find hopping sif reeeaaally hard

Um, 28-30" around there.

I like to not use a pre-hop, I dont feel as controlled with them. They help me get an extra few inches, but after I can get it with the pre-hop, I start to do the same ledge/line without the prehop.

I got around 25inches seatout no pre-hop a couple times, but that was hella hard normally I just fall over once I do get the tire up there anyways.

i think 34"
at least 32"

Whats with the imperial?

92cm, thats 36" for you sdrawkcab peeps.


is that without a prehop? thats awesome

without a prehop i only get 60cm or so. But i dont really ever do it no prehop, if i dont prehop i’ll do it SI.

50.8 cm thats 20"

eh, 26" or so
i can hit almost 10" more rolling… and 5" static seat in.