s cal muni

Is there ever a giant muni trip in scal? It’s really hard for me to get all the way up there. I’m sure theres enough of us down here to do something.

I don’t know, what exactly is Scal?

south california, i dunno maybe.

Or South Calorina. Unidude9: I’m in Hollywood w/a Coker. Do you ride anywhere around here?


theres a group of us down here in San Diego. Im sure we’d all be up for something.

You guys may want to contact Dave Winston. He is quite a unicyclist and a nice guy too. Dave lives in the Laguna Bch area and has spoken of hosting a So. Calif. MUni Weekend.

Also, there are some good riders(Hans,Eyal & Matt) in the Santa Barbara area and the San Fernando Valley(Rod Wylie).

Hope y’all can hook up and ride.

If there isn’t any MUni convention down where you live, why not start one yourself?

I think big bear might be a good place to have one during the summer. I have gone down the backside on my bike a few times but am not crazy enough/don’t have the stuff to bike down the front on the steep runs. I think I would unicycle down it though, but some of those bikers go pretty fast and I’m not sure if that would be a problem.

Howdy unidude9,

Good to meet another muni rider below SLO. Is Big Bear where you’re at? Eyal and I have been talking about trying one of the ski lift up/down hill rides this spring once the snow melts. I wouldn’t worry about the downhill mtb guys who bomb down the trail, they all stop and want to talk when they see a unicycle going down.

If you’re going to be up in Santa Barbara feel free to drop me a line or you can subscribe and post to our mailing list. We have lots of great trails here in SB. We’re also planning on having a few small gatherings here in the near future to help us get an idea for putting together a full fledge (new term coming up here) Foss endorsed CA Muni Weekend. We’ll post annoucements to our list and to the forums.

You can also find our gallery here.

Hope to ride with you someday!