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There should be directions on the website. Last year we got lost, but as Moab is a small town, it’s not that hard to refind yourself again. And ask anyone in Moab where it’s at; they can tell you.

Since the title of this thread is somewhat vague, I don’t feel bad about hijacking it.
My tire is starting to wear down in some places. I know, I should’ve rotated it. I just never got around to it. Now my question is, would it be worth switching my tire before Slickrock? I mean, the place is extremely grippy, so as long as you have rubber on your tire, does it really need an aggressive tread?
Plus, how much wear and tear will Slickrock do on my tire? If I get a new one, will it just eat that away as well? Last year, I had my Schwinn with a Wal-Mart tire; I didn’t care too much what happened to the tire. But if I’m going to shell out 30 bucks or more, I want it to be worth the money.

Last year I put a used Gazz on my muni before going to Moab. No sense wearing out a new tire on the slickrock.

You still need some usable tread on the tire. A slick or very well worn tire might be OK for the slickrock, but not all of Moab is slickrock. For example, the Porcupine Rim trail has dirt, sand, and loose stuff where you need knobbies.

I plan on putting a half-way worn Gazz on my muni again this year for Moab.

What range of temperatures should I expect at Moab in late March (including at nigt when I’m in a tent)?

Mine is probably half worn as well. I guess I’ll stick with it until after Moab, then maybe upgrade to a 3", as right now it’s a measly 2.6".

It can be very cold at night, around freezing. During the day it can be warm and T-shirt weather, around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s the high desert. Be prepared for wide temperature swings and weather changes.

I used a mummy bag with a “comfort rating” of +15 degrees Fahrenheit and it still got a bit chilly because I didn’t cinch down the mummy bag around my head. If I camp again this year I’m bringing two sleeping bags – My mummy bag to sleep in and another sleeping bag to lay on top of me like a comforter.

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)What range of temperatures should I expect at Moab in late March
)(including at nigt when I’m in a tent)?

It might get to 80. It might snow. Last year, the people who were camping
got very cold–it will probably be near freezing overnight. On the trail,
it will tend to be warm; it got warmer than “comfortable” on Slickrock.
But it could also be 40.

If I had to pick between a half worn 2.6" tire and a brand new 3" tire, I’d go with the 3" tire. Fatter is better. More cush. Easier to roll over bumps and Moab is bumpy.

You’re not going to wear the tire down significantly at Moab. Just more wear than you’d get if you were riding on dirt. Think of it like a weekend of urban riding on concrete.

That’s good driving advice. Though the drive along the CO River sounds great, I’m going to SLC, where I consider myself lucky to have found nonstop flights at the right times!

Naturally, you want to be a little paranoid about the drive back to the airport at the end of the weekend. Don’t forget to allow for traffic, rental car return (a bus ride in our case), and the usual airport hassles. We made it back to SLC in less than the estimated 4.5 hours last year, but traffic was light. Yes, there’s traffic in the “populated” last 30 miles or so!

You don’t have to know anybody. What you do need to know is your limits. If you decide to do the full Slickrock Trail (main loop), make sure you’re comfortable with rides of over 10 miles. Slickrock is more work to ride on than regular dirt, so my little formula is that each mile of slickrock is equal to about 1.5 miles of “regular” trail at a more common altitude. The altitude on the Slickrock Trail is over 4000’.

The “Practice Loop” is something of a misnomer. I’d be more inclined to call it the small loop, while the main trail is the large loop. The terrain is the same. There’s just more of it on the main loop. Plus some cooler scenery, such as an overlook of the town, and seeing Arches National Park in the distance.

If it rains, or the slickrock is wet, you’re going to want some tread on your tires. This from a unicyclist/Trials biker at one of the local bike shops.

Last year we rode the Slickrock Trail on Saturday, did games on Saturday afternoon, and rode the Porcupine Rim on Sunday. Not everybody did those main rides. Some people rode the Practice Loop on Saturday, and/or hung out at the campground which is also surrounded by slickrock. On Sunday everyone pretty much seemed to gravitate to the Porcupine Rim. And I’m glad we did, the view from the actual “rim” part was spectacular! See my tiny avatar for a sample. Some of us rode the first part of the trail and then doubled back, either to save our bodies, to go home early, or to shuttle cars to the end of the trail. Even that ride was fun.

I can’t comment much on the Friday riding, as we arrived relatively late in the afternoon. What we saw were basically a knot of people following Kris Holm around, watching him try various trials lines near the campsite.

This year, Rolf Thompson is thinking of doing games in the morning, followed by the Slickrock Trail in the afternoon. For Sunday some other trail possibilities are being considered, though I’d be just as happy to ride the complete Porcupine Rim as well.

If you don’t know anybody, just show up for the rides. Soon you’ll know pretty much everybody, at least in the group you end up riding with. We are all one group, the unicyclists. It was quite fun last year shocking people with the fact that there were about 70 of us scattered around.

Make sure you bring lunch on the longer rides. There is nothing out there, including water. you’re on your own.

Check other threads here if you’re looking to share a car or van from SLC down to Moab.

To bring back this thread…
I wanted to mention that with more than a month left, we’ve already got 60 riders signed up! This could blow previous MUni events out of the water!
And one more bit of advice. Don’t forget sunscreen. I didn’t wear any last year, and even though it was overcast, I came back looking like an Oompa Loompa.