?'s about MOAB

I’m probobly going to goto MOAB this march and just have a few questions for people previously there.

How is it structured? For example do you just go wherever you want on your own or does the entire group of attendees pretty much stay together and hang out. This is my main concern seeing as how I would be the only person I would know previous to attending, and if your expected just to break off into your own little group of friends I don’t want to be standing in the middle of slickrock chillin out by myself while everyone has their friends to play with.

What skills are expected of an attendee? Like how good am i expected to be. Am i going to be expected to go down a tough course while 1-foot wheel walking or what?

Really, any input about moab and how its structed and basically just everything about it would be nice to know before I decide if I’m 100% sure I’m going, while i know i would definitly enjoy the experience no matter what.

From the Moab MUniFest Info Page:

“In the afternoon, various rides will be suggested. From the Slick Rock trailhead there is the 1-2 hour practice loop (2.2 miles) or the 5-7 hour main loop (11 miles). Other single track trails in the Moab area will also be suggested for group rides. Plan your water and energy-food needs accordingly. The afternoon riding should get underway between 12:30 and 1 pm and end in time for dinner. As done last year, Saturday night at 6:30 pm we’d like to have dinner together and have the awards and prize give-aways. Arrangements for a suitable venue are in process.”

Basically, all you gotta do is join a group. The practice loop will have lots of people on it, and as you ride, you can find someone to ride with. The best part of the MUniFest is the friends you make while you’re there. Last year I rode the practice loop backwards with a friend, and by doing this, I missed out on meeting other people (not that I minded riding with you, Tron!)

Very few skills are needed to go. We had 6-year-olds out there last year who were still learning to free mount. On the other hand, we had the best Street and MUni riders in the world there as well. If you can ride the unicycle for a couple of miles, you’re qualified. The more skills you have, the more fun you’ll have, but no matter what, it will be a blast! I’m sure you’ll be getting other responses as well. Anyone who went last year (with possibly the exception of the guy who had to walk all the way out with a hurt ankle) had an absolutely wonderful time. If you’re the only unicylist you know at the moment, you won’t be after Moab!

Print “Fluffinator 007” on the back of your t-shirt and you will have lots of friends. --chirokid–

an easier way is to just dye your hair in a pattern and then get a nick name like it.

Way too many people call me chex now when I go to uni events.

This year no dyed hair we’ll see if people still catch on or not.

Wow, Paco continues to inspire!!! The entire 2.2 mile Moab practice loop, riding BACKWARD. Paco is my hero. --chirokid-- :wink:

I knew that this would have an ambiguous meaning, so I was just waiting to see who the first wise guy would be. :smiley:

Thanks for the compliment, I do have a rather high IQ. --chirokid-- :slight_smile:

Last year was my first MUni fest, and certainly will NOT be my last. I showed up knowing very little and had the best weekend all spring. My skills are limited, and still had a blast on Slickrock and Porcupine. If you don’t know the trails, make sure you hook up with a group. Saturday night was really fun at the restaraunt. Just show up with a big smile and you will be blown away by the riding and friendships made. Don’t miss it!

You guys are wonderful MOAB salesman. Ill see you all there. PLEASE LET ME MAKE A FRIEND OR FIND A GROUP AHH!

What we need is to start posting pictures of everyone who will be in Moab so that we can recognize each other when we get there. Either that or wear name tags.

we can just wear shirts that say “Name on Unicyclist.Com” on the front and then “Fluffinator007” on the back…

Note: Name on back will change with each person.

So…Now time to make the final decision. I’m just getting my first and brand new MUni. It’s ready to take on moab. So, is it worth the 20 hour drive? What do you think.

Sure it’s worth the drive. Go for it Fluff. --chirokid–

Yes it is worth the drive. I’m going to drive from Seattle. Mapquest estimates that is a 17 hour drive. Well worth it.

In addition to the riding, the area around Moab has many interesting sights to see. If you can, stay an extra day or two and go see the Arches National Park and some of the other sights.

I read some where that its a five hour drive from the Salt Lake City airport and a 2 hour drive from a Colorado airport. What is the Colorado Airport called?

I wish I could go. I live in pennsylvania near philly so it will take me about 33 hours to get there and thats a long trip by myself. If some one from my area were to go also I might but I dont know any one who would.

I could fly but that costs money :angry: then I’d need to rent a car more money :angry: .

I don’t think I’m going to have to drive! YAY! My moms male-friend is a dentist and he ships all his stuff around and orders it with a checking card or wahtever so he gets a ton of free mileage type things. So I think I may be able to use his miles to come. I’ll see your in Moab. Pwease be nice to me!

Brian, the Colorado Airport is GJT, aka Grand Junction, CO. --chirokid–

I’d say it’s more like 4 to 4.5 from SLC, and 2.5 from Grand Junction. With some of the airlines, you can’t get to Grand Junction without going through SLC, so it’s closer to even when you consider the layover time in the Salt Lake airport.

We’re flying in to SLC this year, although last year I did Grand Junction. I personally find the drive from Grand Junction more scenic, as the last 25 miles or so run along the Colorado River. In the afternoon on a sunny day, it’s not a sight to be trifled with.

Is slickrock easily found after you reach Moab