S.A. Nov 9 ride

Come ONE, come lotsa ONES:

We are going to have a group muni ride on Saturday November 9th, starting at noon. We will meet at O.P. Schnabel
park which is on Bandera road inside loop 1604 on the northwest side of San Antonio. We will ride the trails in the back
area of the park and the Leon creek bed. The terrain has smooth singletrack, technical singletrack, some pretty mean
hills, and a good natural trials area. I think anyone of any skill level can have a great time there. For this ride I think
we will just do a little of everything except long crosscountry riding.

So far Jerry Gruss (yes,THE ever quotable Jerry Gruss), Scott Stephens, and myself are for sure. Anyone else interested please post here.

This is an informal ride to begin making plans for a larger “Muni weekend” in January. Please make it if you can
as we would like to have input from as many area riders as possible.

We will post more details soon.

Scott Wallis

S.A. is beautiful

Hey, I will be joining Jer and Scott Wallis on the muni ride at O.P Schnabel. Let me reiterate to you, this place has some sweet singletrack, and like Scott said, some mean uphills, and some even meaner downhills with some nice technical stuff. This is also a beautiful place to ride and there is a natural trials area that is awesome, and all this stuff together is definitely worth the trip. Also, this is a good chance to meet new unicyclists and plan the hopefully upcoming Jan muni weekend. It will be lots of fun
Nov. 9 at 12:00, its gonna be a blast

That sounds good, I should be able to make it. I can
bring a pretty good digital camera that also takes
short movies. I’m looking forward to riding again
once the monsoon season here ends. :slight_smile:

S.A. Nov. 9 ride

Glad to here you’re coming. That will be great if you bring your camera. See if you can get anyone else up there to come with you.
This rain is ridiculous. Hopefully it will be over long before then.

Scott Wallis


This is a link for the Yahoo map to O.P. Schnabel Park.
Map to O.P.
We will be meeting at noon in the parking lot by the large pavillion. At this time there are 6 riders planning to be there. If anyone else is interested, speak up.
It is still raining but is supposed to stop by Wednesday, which will give the trails time to dry. Even 1 day drying time will be enough, but hope for more.

Scott Wallis

I do hope the weather gets better soon. This weekend is gonna be a blast!
But is there a rain plan? Nah it wont rain no need for that

Last call

The weather is perfect for the ride on Saturday. I rode the trails yesterday and they will be completely dry and the creek will be down by then. One nice thing about this area is that even the difficult trails are always very close to a smooth trail, so everyone can get in on the action.
Here is a link to a .pdf map of the area where we will meet and ride. I mapped maybe 1/3 of the trails so far.
Trail Map
The map has my cell phone # on it if anyone needs to call.
See you soon!

Scott Wallis

Boy, I haven’t been in San Antone since 1982. I imagine it hasn’t changed much in the past 20 years.


Yeah, right.


I have have lived here all of my 43 years and I have seen it change a lot, but as is often said it is a really big small town. If you and your family ever come this way, please let me know. While we don’t exactly have mountains, I can definitely show you what a “hill” is.

Scott Wallis

Re: Yeah, right.

I was at Lackland for basic and tech school, nine months total, but didn’t get out into the city much except when riding with friends. I didn’t have a car at the time so did a lot of local biking. Also, I had no idea what a unicycle was at the time. Got to see the Space Shuttle come in to Kelly once on the back of a 747. That memory still stands out, that and the Alamo. Now that I’m thinking about it, I did enjoy the River Walk, too.


Good group

We had a great ride on Saturday, with a total of 5 riders from 4 cities in attendance.
Jerry Gruss from Houston, John Payne from San Marcos, Doug (unibabyguy) from Austin, Scott Stephens and myself from S.A. We did several hours of muni, and played around in the parking lot on each others unis including both John’s and Jerry’s ultimate wheels, Jerry’s Coker, and Doug’s 29’er. It was the first time I had ridden any of those and I appreciated the opportunity. Much good information was shared, and little blood was shed.
We will post some pictures and video clips soon.
I hope more of you can make it for the next one.

Scott Wallis

Yes, but did Jerry say anything else worth quoting or is he pretty much spent for the rest of his life?

I think Jerry is pacing himself to avoid that problem. We got a lot of mileage out of “you’re gonna pick up some speed” on Saturday, so as long as the existing quotes are doing well, no need to release any new ones. He also mentioned something about royalties…