S> 19/24 KH06 > upgrade time.

I want to upgrade my KH06 19" and 24". So I’m selling them.

Trials resprayed sky blue.
Both in excellent condition. Normal scuffs on pedals and seat guards. I can’t even do drops or crankflips or anything. light riding only.

KH06 19" Trials £230 + P&P
KH06 24" Muni £250 + P&P

can i get pics on the KH 06 trials?

Here’s one.

cheers man, but i’m not too worried about colour it was more for condition of the uni. and tyre wear and all that.

Where did you get your uni’s resprayed at? Did you sand blast them first? looking to get mine done but haven’t found a spot yet that does it

Tire is very good, little wear. Only really lost the mold print on the tread.

It didn’t get blasted coz there are no chips in the frame, he baked it powercoated it and baked it again :smiley:

I’ll post some pics tomorrow when it’s actually light - damn flash :roll_eyes: . Soz it’s been standing for a while in my room and is dusty :slight_smile:

The brass bolt in the seat had to be replaced with a zinc bolt.







uhm ok thanks for the pics looks very good condition. i’ll talk to my mate about it

That is only £40 less than the brand new KH07 equivilent of each of these.

I think the price is a bit too high for me to be really interested.


yeah i agree. price is abit high. but i mean nothing stoping anyone from making offers i guess.

exactly, i’m open to sensible offers.

I’m open to offers.

24" Kh 06 >>> £200 + P&p

19" Kh 06 >>> £175 + P&p

whana share the sending price to brazil ?