Rye Airfield Skatepark Group Ride!, Rye New Hampshire

You all are invited to a unicycle gathering at Rye Airfield, A 50,000 square foot indoor skate park in Rye, New Hampshire. It is to take place on April 2nd (Saturday) from 3:00 to 5:45.

I have ridden here 4 times before. This park is amazing for street, trials, and rolling trials.

To get in you need to get a waiver signed by a guardian (if under 18)

So far 4 people are definitely going, 2 others are just waiting to be confirmed.

The cost is $14 for the 2 hour and 45 minute session.

Any additional info should be covered on: http://www.ryeairfield.com

If not, just ask.

Hope we’ll see you there!

Im going! Yippee :smiley:

Sweet! I would love to go. I’ll have to talk to my buddies and see if we can arrange a trip down.

I might actually have some coupons to knock a few bucks of admission. I have to double check. I was in a band that appeared on a Rye Airfield New England Music Sampler along with Sugarcult and 6gig. Pretty sweet. but anyway, as part of the deal, we got a bunch of coupons. They could be expired or whatever, but i’ll check and get back to you.

sounds like fun and close to home. there are tons of sweet rocks to play on at the beach up there too. the beach is no more than 10 mins from the skatepark. if you havent noticed ive been there before and i think i got some free passes left too. gotta check. i can get there in under 2 hrs so there is a good chance ill be there. time to fix up the bike so i can ride that too possibly:D

Wow… that place looks pretty cool! I’d love to ride in the park AND the BMX track!

I don’t think there is too much I could do in the bowls or the full size half-pipe (vert ramp) on my Coker… so hopefully there will be enough of the other stuff (mini half-pipes, straight ramps, quarter-pipe launch ramps, and other stuff that I can ride on my Coker!

I have a feeling that other parks (such as ESPN X Games - Philly) may have a greater total number of rideable ramps for me than this park (since they don’t have all those bowls that take up a lot of the space), but I can usually find at least 1 - 2 ramps that I really like a lot at most decent parks, so if I find a couple that I like at Rye Airfield, then it’s worth the trip to ride with you guys!

There is an outside chance that I can attend the event. As we get closer, I’ll know whether or not I can pull it off.

Hey, Kaycee… having ridden there several times before:

  1. How is the attitude of the management toward unicyclists? Do they just tolerate you because they want the $$$ or are they positive and encouraging?

  2. What about skaters and BMXers… what has your experience been with them - positive and/or encouraging, negative, or indifferent?

Thanks for the info…
Andrew (HCR)

hey. looks like i wont be makin it there:( doc said take it easy for a couple weeks. kinda jus got some stiches. as for the management. thier cool and with uni’s i doubt they mind much. they thaught it was cool when i was riding mine outside when i was there last year. didnt take it in the park tho.

The management doesn’t even say any thing, it seams like they just don’t even realize/care that your riding a unicycle. I haven’t had any negative comments.

Many of the skaters compliment on how good we are and some BMX guys give it a try. Others will mention seeing Kris Holm in NWD.

The BMX track inset open in the winter (its out doors)

However, there some huge banks there and the parks configuration is slightly different and better than the one they show on the site. Also I think you would love the blow(s) there. One ranges from about 2.5 to 4 feet and the transitions are fun even on a 24.

Any more riders want to come?

Currently we have:
Henry Fitts
Kaycee Stevens
Lee Webb
Bryan Stevens

John Fitts

If you are on the way from Portland, Maine to Rye, NH we can give you a ride.

I wish I could go but unfortunatly I have a class on that day. :frowning: Maybe we could do another trip there sometime when i can go.