Ryan Leech is coming to Unicon!

I was told by Amanda, who’s friends with some trials bikers that know Neil Tunnicliffe who told them that Ryan Leech will be attending Unicon this year :astonished: It’s supposed to be a secret, but I’m too excited!

Apparently, he intends to take his front wheel off and enter the trials competition. That’d be really cool to watch, but do you reckon they’ll let him?

April fools?!

Well, section 12.14 Cycle Design Restrictions for unicycle trials of the IUF handbook states:Any unicycle or bike may be used. There is no restriction on changing cycles during the competition. So he might not even need to remove the front wheel.

So the only not plausible part of this is that Ryan Leech would attend a unicycle convention.

EDIT: link to IUF Handbook


He’s sick.
My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s
brother’s girlfriend heard from this
guy who knows this kid who’s going
with a girl who saw Ferris pass-out
at 31 Flavors last night. I guess
it’s pretty serious.

Thank you, Simone.


Sorry I couldn’t resist… (I probably dated myself by referencing this movie, you youngn’s probably never heard of it!)


I asked for a unicycle, I got a computer, how’s that for being born under a bad sign?

Did you know Ryan Leech and Ryan Atkins are cousins?

Everyone knows that. :roll_eyes:

For real?!

I’m joking.

There is a slight change in the 2008 version, which just says “Any cycle may be used.” Ruh-ro! I never noticed that, but I wonder if Kris (the author) ever thought about it! Because what I have noticed is Ryan Leech in one of his videos the other night. I think a bike (front wheel or no) could cream unicycles in most Trials situations. Due to their geometry, bikes can jump considerably higher.

This is going to mean either a future change in Trials rules, or a change in competition Trials unicycles. And possibly a major upset at the 2008 Unicon Trials competition!

…Or that this is another April Fool’s joke, but there’s no joke in the Trials rules…

If I attached a little wheel to a pogo stick could I use that?


This was an April fool’s joke. But it’d still be cool, wouldn’t it?

And I got John Foss worried, sweet!

that movie is so funny.
i can’t believe you memorized that sisters friends whatever line.

and i don’t quite get the reference in this thread?

hmm… the rumor came from neil tunnicliffe through some trials bikers, onto amanda and from her directly to us via ivan…

straight from the horses mouth- ryan leech may as well have said it himself.

although i suppose it would then be straight from the Leech’s mouth…

As it says “cycle,” if it were up to me I’d insist that your pogo stick be able to be pedaled around on its wheel somehow. I’m sure the same would be a piece of cake for Ryan Leech on a one-wheeled Trials bike. But it’s not up to me. Not sure who the referee will be for that event…

Not exactly worried; it’s the Trials experts who should worry (unless they’re also bike trials experts). I just take pictures at those things. :slight_smile:

I dont think that you even have a big chance on a bike with two wheels. Most bike riders are to bad in rail riding and some of our obstacles are so small that you cant ride them with two wheels.

I was just watching some biketrials highjump videos… it seems that they an jump about the same height, but it appears that they can get the front wheel onto ledges then sort pedal/hop up. It look like they can do 7 ft like this… is that what you meant by more height due to different geometry.