ryan leech and kris holm trial demo 2004

I found that link in the internet…
that’s a great stuff but it is described as a full movie and I can only download a 22 Mb from 92 Mb. does anyone have full movie or know where it can be found?

that’s the page

and that’s the link

Nice Find! Download all of it, it’s way worth it, but I’m on cable so…

Is it me or is the announcer and Idiot???

wow, that announcer is way too fakely enthused. Great video though.

no, thats just the way he is at all the demos.

My download stalls out at 22 megs also. I am at work connected through a T-1. How did you guys get all of it?

I have the same problem, it appears that once it passes a certain point, the rest of the video is corrupted :frowning:

Then why didn’t you guys just go to toque and see the whole thing…live?

I did. And it was awesome…


If anyone’s interested, here are a couple of video clips from a ride last Saturday. You’ll need Windows Media Player to view them.



Ryan Leech did a demo in my town during Sea-Fest. It was amazing! It’s to bad you weren’t there Kris, It would be awesome to see you guys riding together.

Wow Kris that jump was smooth!

It quit working at 4.5 minutes for me.


Kris, out of interest, that jump that you do in “one tired guy” that looks like you’re gapping something with a LONG drop below, is there ACTUALLY a long drop below? It’s the one that’s out on the cliffs somewhere, and you have to pedal up quite a steep incline straight away.

Skillful either way but I need to know :stuck_out_tongue:


PS And is there a “single most psychologically challenging” stunt that you’ve pulled on the uni?

You can’t really tell in the shot how exposed it was. It was about a 600 metre drop between the gap, and the sides overhung so you were sitting quite far out with respect to the rest of the cliff. Not a place you’d want to mess up.


The file is only 22.7MB big according to my browser so it sounds like you have all of it.

PS And is there a “single most psychologically challenging” stunt that you’ve pulled on the uni? [/B]

Super high consequence stunts are not the most psychologically challenging in a way, because everything is entirely clear- you cannot fall. Consequently, unless you are really stupid you would back off the difficulty to the point where you are acceptably sure that you will do it. I should add that I don’t really do these anymore anyway, however, because I no longer feel that it is worth it.

The most psychologically challenging stunts in my opinion are the ones where you think it might be too scary, but then again it might not be. The ones where it’s not obvious whether you are up for it, and you might hurt yourself, but then again you might not; in other words where the consequence isn’t 100% obvious. Those are the ones that require the best judgement and the strongest mental focus.


Is the announcer thedan or Ryan Senechal? Sorry Kris, but he said “single most…”. :stuck_out_tongue: I understand that what you described happens all the time and its hard to pick out a single most, but if you could that’d be great. If not what about the hardest or scariest?


The announcer is Ryan Senechal. The video is corrupted on my viewer about 1/2 way through so I only saw the first part, but I think this was a bad demo for me!

I really don’t know what was the most intimidating. In some ways the hardest in terms of mental focus was the Television commercial I did for Monster.com a couple of years ago. The shoot was on a structure called the Ridiculator (same one as at the beginning of Into the Thunder Dragon). This structure narrows to about 4" in points, and is about 6"-8" wide, 18’ off the ground for about a 30’ section, and has a teeter totter on it.

When I arrived at the set, they had set up a track for their 35mm camera, right under the tallest part of the obstacle, with spiky vertical metal poles sticking up from it. If I fell I’d fall on the camerman 15’ below, and possibly impale myself on the spikes. There was also a lot of pressure to ride well, because the film crew was giant- about 20 people including 4 cameras, search lights, artificial smoke, and a food stand.

We filmed for about 6 hours, during which time I rode the high section maybe 30-35 times. Every time required a lot of focus because a screwup would have resulted in a really bad fall. It was also absolutely bucketing rain and slippery the entire time.

In the end they used maybe 4 seconds for their commercial and it cost them almost as much to get that 4 seconds as it did to produce Into the Thunder Dragon, including the cost to travel to Bhutan. Pretty crazy!


How in the world did the camera have spikes coming out it?

if you go to the site they say the video is 94mb and 18 minutes long… its corrupted 4 minutes into the video and wont show you the rest