Ryan Kremsater // Northshore Mountain Unicycling

Hey guys!

I haven’t posted here in ages…:stuck_out_tongue:

Ryan and I worked on this one over the course of several days and I’m happy to say it’s finished! Hope you enjoy…

  • Justin

) – ( X )


Very excellent – thanks for posting it!

Nice one! Really enjoyed watching it :sunglasses:

Thanks guys!

we really enjoyed making this one.

  • JK

Thanks for posting in here Justin! I was just checking to see if you did =)
Awesome job on the edit, it’s super tight! I am looking forward to future projects!

Nice riding Ryan! Thanks for putting it together Justin.
Unicycle is sounding a bit crook though.


Great riding, camera angles, and editing but a lot of shots were over exposed or had other lighting problems, more so w/ the hand held shots :o

Edit: just watched it again and ~ half now look like they may have been intentional, for style reasons. But the resolution frequently looked low or slightly out of focus giving the overall feeling of low quality IMO, especially when I compare it to Ryan’s other vids.