Ryan Kremsater and Jacob Spera: Atlantis

Hello Everyone!
This video is the product of a 10 day unicycle trip with Jacob Spera exploring Coastal BC, discovering a small portion of the many secrets of the infamous North Shore. I hope you enjoy the video!
A shout out to Noli Ergas who was an awesome part of this trip, just as he is on every trip. He helped film many of the clips in this video and made the the trip a lot more fun. He’s one of the best dudes to be around and ride with!

Watch it, share it if you like it, and leave your thoughts below, we love to hear them =)

Absolute Beauty, eh? Loved the hugeness, and how smooth it all was. Great job you all.


Amazing! Those trails look like a blast if you’re good enough to ride them.

Really impressive! :smiley: I now have a new video to link to when anyone calls me a clown for riding Uni :sunglasses:

Super huge - Awesome.

Awesome vid. You set the bar for your future Muni vids quite high :wink:

Riding, edit, and film quality all top notch.

Love it… only thing missing is more Noli :slight_smile:

Great job, riding, video is top of the line, skills are also top of the line. I will enjoy this for a long time to come, your efforts were worth it.

So fast and smooth :smiley:

You guys make it look so easy :)…:frowning:

Yeah I’m really happy with how the video turned out! It means a lot to hear from all of you, its great motivation for future videos.

We both set our personal bars quite high for our next appearance on camera, but we both feel that we’re just beginning to ride impressive terrain, and that we have a lot of potential ahead of us. We both can improve a lot for future vids!

JUST beginning? :astonished:

Yupp! Just bigger, unicycling is a sport that has no levels at the moment, so for now the mind is the limit! :slight_smile:

Just bigger… and more creative, more adventurous, more ambitious projects, better filming, editing, etc.
Got lots on the go!

Keep posting these awesome vids then, because if they keep getting bigger that will be even bigger awesome!

Awesome job

Amazing video guys!
This was an awesome video… One of the best muni I’ve ever seen. The filming was awesome too, and that place looked like an ultimate unicycling dream!!!
Over all fantastic and a true Inspiration :smiley:

Beautiful vid and absolutely jaw-dropping skills. I hope to roll off my first curb soon. :slight_smile:


Nice video guys. I was riding with Noli yesterday and he said I had to check out this video and he was right! Keep up the good work. One of these days I’ll hop in the car and head north to check out some of these awesome trails. Until then, keep the videos coming!