ryan atkins

Anyone have a vid of Ryan Atkins? I just heard about him and i want to see him uni.

Ryan’s galleries are here.

There are other videos of him doing impossible stuff. Use the search feature to try to find them, Ryan posts under the name m_extreme_uni.

You could pre order the Universe 2 dvd from www.Sykoproductions.com , bedford unicycles, or unicycle.com

Ryan is one of the featured riders in the video, he also has a gallery up with a bunch of shorts


there are more if you look arround in the gallery

holy crap, how old is he?

ooh, wow, my own thread.

well, here is my newest gallery, i just added one video, and the other ones are all relatively new, probably the newest would be 2 or 3 months old.

Anyways, i’m 16



I rode with Ryan.

He’s ok

Yeah, but he’s no Brian MacKenzie. There’s no comparison.

You got that! I’m one of a kind!


That picture gets scarier each time I see it!


ryan u got mad skill, good taste in music too:D its all about the 80’s.

hopefully ill seea at the next test of metal.


Everywhere I look, that picture pops up when I least expect it. Just don’t put ryan’s face on it or I’ll never be able to watch one of his vids again.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said that. Sorry Ryan, I guess your pic’s gonna be up here real soon!

i cant stand that picture , haunts my dreams… :astonished:

i want to get that picture blown up so i can hang it over my bed in my dorm.

i’d like that picture on cigaratte packages to discourage smoking

In my dreams, tomblackwood’s avatar chases me around until I run into harper… then I’m cornered but I wake up as they start to close in. I’m afraid that one day I won’t wake up. :astonished:

how did this post go from Ryan to Brian? I can understand that Brian is a sexy Bitch but come on. At least the photo still leaves things to the imagination. By the way, do you uni in that getup?

I love sofas unicycle. If I had to throw out my trials my KH24 and everything else I own/will come to own just for that one uncicyle, I would do it. I NEED IT, unless i got one of those unicycles that the wheel is contructed out of just like the feet or whatever, thatd rock my socks off. I don’t even see brians suculant body in that picture just the gorgeous unicycle. I wouldnt be suprised if that was his only one and all the others he just borrows.

i don’t really like my name being attached to that picture, and knowing that it was me that caused so much pain amoungst the unicycling population.
oh, i’m soo sorry.


It’s ok, your in movies, your untouchable amongst the unicycle community. Just like your fore-fathers, Sem, Kris, John all of them.

Ya know what I dont get though. Well first, how long have you been unicycling. Me an dyou are about the same age and we both enjoy trials. Yet, you are so much better than me. This isn’t right. Give me time. And the balls to try stuff like you.

how long have you been riding for?