Ryan Atkins How To Jump High Tutorial!!!

I’ve been looking for Ryan Atkins old how to jump high tutorial, i’ve watched it 2ce before, but now I cant find it, i’ve been looking for the last hour. It is a very good tutorial, I’ts not to old, a couple of months, but it really helped me with my jumping. Wanted to watch it, go over it agian, try to learn some stuff, and save it to favorites if I, or anyone could find it.

Just please help me find it.
Anyone know Ryan Atkins name on here, might help me/some other ppl find the tutorial.:smiley:

Thanks guys…/girls :sunglasses:

is this a link to ryan’s movie or a link to naughty pictures?

haha your funny, shut my eyes untill it started and I heard the unicycle sounds of ryan compressing into the ground. just to make sure…

thanks anyways for the movie

Thanks a bunch.

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shakes had from side to side sorrowfully What has happened to teens these days?..

Firefox has a free add on

If you use the free firefox browser, you can get a free button that when you click it, it will save any vid on a page to your desktop. Never lose a vid again!:slight_smile:

For really high jumps I would add tweeking the uni to the side like in this Fluck vid at
and 2:30

I’ve seen it done pulling the seat towards the obstacle, like in the vid, and away at the last moment (I think that one was actually moving the wheel quickly up and over the object. Both onto pallets and standard high jump).

ahahaha why are you so worried about naked ladies?

Cheers for that vid.


thanks man great video

youtube??? says the website is shut down or something? i was just looking for that video, and it seems to have disappeared…