Russian Balance Beam!!

This has got to take sooooo much balance. :astonished: Try to watch the whole thing its worth it. :smiley: Link:

OMFG! :astonished:

Awesome! Seems to be really hard! I can imagine a crash in this bar! :astonished:

Anyway, Unicycling still better…and it’s much fun than a crazy jumping bar! :stuck_out_tongue:

OOOOOMMMMMMFFFFFGGGgg holy crap that crap was SOOO HARD CORE!!!

the ending was RE-DIC i would bow before the, if i saw them

on the other side… russian???

Amen to that! :smiley:

My grandpa emailed it to me and i think they were in russia, but i’m not for sure. :thinking:

WOW that is mad!!! How much pain must they have been through learning that :astonished: . Crazy people.

No, the bar is called a Russian Bar:

The youtube page says it was in Monte Carlo.

I gave up gymnastics for unicycling, and though you guys may think its easy to do a double back 720, let me tell ya, its not:p

Amazing :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

I was especially impressed by the two up 360 back :astonished:

i just thought of a random title for the bar, but thanx for lookin that up it actually helps! :sunglasses:

That’s ridiculously impressive! The piggy-back somersaults at the end are just amazing.

But I bet Lucas Wintercrane could do that… on his unicycle… while juggling 7 clubs… blindfolded… drunk… :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks a lots for sharing it to us, I REALLY appreciated, my mouth is still open :astonished:

No, not drunk cuz being drunk would just make it easier

ha ha cheers rob, ive actually already done that yeh, its the pirrouette in the middle of all that, that im having problems with but ill work on it lol