Ruptured My Spleen

Hey everyone. Last Wednesday (Nov. 24th) I was playing hockey (not uni hockey, ice hockey)and i hit someone who was a lot bigger than me. neither of us fell, but unfortunately, I got a big pain in my rib area. I continued to play two more shifts, and the period was over at which point i decided the pain was too much and i took off my equipment and went to the hospital. I was eventually informed that i had mono and that made my spleen a lot larger than it should be and thats what led to the rupture that occurred when i hit the guy. i was just let out of the hospital today, but im not allowed to do anything active for 3 months. unfortunately that means unicycling too. so this really sucks, but for every street rider out there, make up new tricks and go bigger so i have something to make up for when im back. i should be ok to ride for TOque 2005. thought id tell everyone.

later, Kevin

What a drag! Very sorry to hear about this and I’m beaming you fast recovery wishes from California.

Don’t worry, you’ll ride again!


Ow that must have hurt. Mono is no fun thats for sure.

By the way street has been progressing you should have something new to learn.

God bless

oh man that sucks Kevin!
Sounds like this hockey is dangerous, I think you should stick to unicycling :wink:
Anyway I hope you recover quickly and are back riding soon.

Ouch! That’s crazy. Several years ago, a classmate of mine actually died after a hockey game from an undiagnosed spleen injury. It was smart of you to get it checked out. Injury time is great for checking out other hobbies, like music, photography, art, etc. Good luck with your recovery!

  • andrea

Dude, that sucks. Get well soon.


bummer, get well soon

Sucks to hear that Kevin. I do have to say that I was shocked that the injury didn’t involve a large flight of stairs.


Get well soon

I thought the story line was going to be about that Razor scooter handle modification. Now I can go build one.

Get unrupterd soon.

That was my first thought too.


ya my friend had the same thing happen to him sorry to here that it happend to you :frowning:

Yup, mono is bad news.
I had it my sophmore year in college during summer break.

That must have been a boring break if you know what I mean;)

2 weeks in ‘isolation’ was a real boring.
(and almost dieing was kinda freaky)
But, I had alot of girls then (to visit me) :smiley:
And, a very loyal friend ‘crazy’ guy that brought me ‘contraban’ :smiley:
(he was committed to psych ward, last I heard, he robbed a gas station for cigs, and went to prison
(multi offense kinda guy))

pff, what do hospitals know. real men, by which i clearly mean unicyclists, don’t need spleens. just ride and if your spleen starts hurting just remove it with your bare hands and then continue to ride as if nothing happened.

Catch up on your video games and such… No activeness… My roomate got mono last spring, and she didn’t rest enough, went out partying after a couple weeks… got sick again… felt better, went and partied… got sick again… Basicly what could have been only 3 months recuperation has turned into 6 :frowning:

Hockey is a great game, used to play goalie and defense. Get well soon!

RAD!!!:smiley: :smiley: :astonished: NO COMPRO BRO!!! ROCK ON!!! the MAC DADDY

Thanks for all the support guys. I’m starting to feel a little more like myself now, and Ill hopefully start my long road of recovery by going back to school fairly soon. and maybe i can sneak in some riding while no one is looking. see ya, Kevin

If you do, please try and post some video of it online :slight_smile: