Running out a UPD

I had a big moment on my 36 earlier where i came of at ~15mph, took two steps and skidded along the ground.

Does anyone have some advice for how to outrun a fast UPD or if you cant outrun it what to do.


Take up parkour and learn how to role >_< haha i have no advice… but are you from cambridge ontario canada or elsewhere?

Sorry to hear about the crash. With big wheels come big crashes. Unfortunately, unicyclists are subjected to the forces of gravity and friction too.

Once you exceed running speed, it’s time to tuck and roll. Sometimes it is much easier said than done. It might be a good idea to practice forward rolls in the grass without the unicycle.

Keep wearing your helmet, gloves, and knee pads.

thanks for the replies, its time for me to get over my fear of rolling :smiley:

@TopHatPlus, im afraid im from the Cambridge in the UK

This is when pads make a difference. If a slide on the road is unavoidable, then at least you can aim for the gloves and knee pads. It’s still not fun, but you will lose less skin that way.

MUni is the answer to everything.
In this case, doing a bunch of MUni would help because you’d be in UPD situations a lot more often, so you’d get falling practice in lower-speed situations.

And then you’d realize MUni is more fun than 36er riding anyway, so high-speed UPDs would stop coming up.

Unless you take up 36er MUni, then there’d be more high-speed UPDs :stuck_out_tongue:

I have had a few good ones this weekend, I had one we’re I did a rolling hop off a 5ftrail ledge and lost it and slammed


I don’t agree with the more fun than a 36, but lots of MUni definitely helps.

Grinding handrails would most likely result in low speed UPDs too, and it would help with falling down the stairs.

Just wear a leather motor bike suit :roll_eyes:

Have had my 36er for a week, and had my first high speed UPD a few days ago. My wife actually caught it on video, I posted it in the Learning Journal thread. Tuck and roll with all of the above-listed pads, plus I bought wrist guards.

If you can’t outrun a UPD then the term UPD technically would not apply.
What to do? Quickly put on your wrist-guards! And especially use your hands.

Especially as bicyclist I was involved in several fall with a wide variety of reason; what helps best

  • in races: keep your unicycle close, and don’t make others fall
  • in general: don’t resist; if it happens it happens any; I don’t think it’s something you can learn; but accept the impact in stead of making your body rigid. Be flexible and relaxed and ROLL (!), like if you’re in judo or alike martial art.

I’ve had some low speed UPD’s and found out that I tend to roll automatically if needed.Don’t know where that comes from, but I am happy about it.

Interval training, to learn to run faster. 15mph is after all only a 4 minute mile.

Packs set up high on the back or heavy can sure make rolling difficult. Being a minimalist helps at high speed.

Losing intimacy with the pedals at speed runs the risk of the uni going out in front. The magic of unicycling allows the uni to completely disappear if you shove the handle down hard and fast enough. It travels through time and space (or worm hole?) and ends up thirty feet behind you.

Some of us can’t do a kilometer in 4 minutes… :stuck_out_tongue: