Running mount onto giraffe

I am about to test out a wheel for a giraffe for Roger, and I am going to be learning to do a running mount onto it. It is a 6ft DM which I will be using.
Any tips?



just say the title of this thread and it made me gulp free mounting a 6ft giraffe, yikes your brave! :stuck_out_tongue:

See thread

For videos thread has a link in the first post.

It’s not too hard and just takes practice. I think the biggest thing to do is jump up high and not count on the unicycle pulling you up.
If you have problems on the 6 footer try it a little on a 5 footer to get the feel for it.


what joe is talking about is a rolling mount onto a girrafe.
that’s not just an ordinary freemount, which i assume joe can already do. but running forward with the girrafe and mounting it whist pushing it along in front.
i’ve tried it one or two times but i think i’m just a bit too scared.

i can do a mount with foot arround the front of the seat though and both the regular freemounts (first foot on pedal and first foot on tyre) and i can nearly do a jump mount. the rolling mount is by far the nicest way to get on a girrafe i’ve seen.
good luck joe.

I too would recommend watching Ben Edwards mount his giraffe. That’s basically how I figured it out. I didn’t find it hard to learn, the hardest part I found was figuring out exactly how to hit my pedals when they were in the right position. Getting your butt in the seat is also pretty important. After your first foot is on the pedal, make sure your butt is in the seat as you get the second pedal. And jump high, the uni can help you go from mostly upright to completely upright, but the majority of it comes from a good solid jump.
The whole motion is slower than you might think (at least I found that to be true).

Yes, that is the mount!

Cool! Is this on a 5 or 6footer? I might try doing foot around the seat mount, but I cannot do a mount straight from the pedal, as a cannot reach it!!

I shall practice,