I reckon that runi is a good idea, but it probably wont catch on.

Does anyone remember the term POOP. (Pedals Out Of Position). Me and my cousin use that all the time.

1) You never know. Stranger words have been said.
2) I know i do, but when i say it. My friends are like “oh, the toilet is over there” :smiley:

RUni aka “Ruined Knee”?

We don’t want people to get the wrong impression about long distance unicycling. I know my knees get a bit sore after 50+ kms, especially if I have a spill onto the pavement. Calling it “Ruined Knee” (RUni) might just kill the sport!

O_o Good god Brian. Those are some impressive skills. I’m going to have to practice a tonne more :stuck_out_tongue:

that was adam cohen ‘justonewheel’ in the shot, i was working the camera

Haha, I try to be different though. Like hopping up “36 stairs in 36 seconds on a 36er”, or up a staircase of wobbly ciderblocks, my coker kickup mount, or the 36er no-footer like in my avatar to the left.

And then riding through walmart on it and pissing off the management haha! I also did a 4’ drop off pallets, but I think either Brian or someone else did about a 7 foot drop in UNiverse or defect I can’t remember which one, but they didn’t land it. It was awesome though! Everbody kinda brings their own style to it. :slight_smile: As long as we’re all out there having fun that’s what it’s all about!

ryan atkins using dave stockton’s ‘strongest coker wheel in the world’ wheel

And broke a crank.

Wheel was only a mm or two out of true. That was a sweet video, but looking through U-turns gallery, I couldnt find it again.


sounds appropriate

but the pronunciation will change on Talk Like A Pirate Day.


Hmmm… Runi is much too close to Ruin for my tastes…

Are we really so lazy that the word “road” is too long? Or “distance”?

I like the word muni… but often don’t say it cuz the M gets a little lost and most non unicycle riders don’t know what I am talking about anyway… I say “mountain unicycling” or “trail riding” a lot…


People may get get confused wither cokering coz it could be mistaken for CO*Kring lol

I think we are trying to hard to make a huge difference between normal biking and Unicycling Im not dissing the names or anything but I think just Muni is ok, Im not saying dont use them, but be prepared to get a couple crazy looks from fellow unicycling, plus we also have Guni (which to me sounds alittle funny) is the Geared Unicycle, so continue on calling it what you want im just saying that i’ll stick to what I call it normally, :slight_smile: It might be a nice change though. Plus one wheel is a pretty big change from bikeing when you take it into consideration

Roo knee. Makes me think of a kangaroo’s knee.

Maybe we should use the term for trials then :slight_smile: