While “Cokering” yesterday, the mind wanders. Why don’t we call 36ers RUnis for road unicycle (since there are also Nimbus 36, Airfoils etc.). Like road bike and mountain bike, RUNi and MUni. Just random mind wandering while pedalling along.

Niceeeeeeeeeee might catch on who knows, good idea though defo :smiley:

I think it’s a bit too late for the name change. I’ve got used to cokers. But you have to be careful. They’re cokers, not Cokers:D

and why not call trials Tuni, or freestyle Funi, etc…?

It seems logical, but i doubt it will catch on. Once people are used to calling something by a certain name it’s hard to get out of that habit and change somethings name. At first, I was always confused as to why people called anything with a 36 inch wheel a Coker, as of course coker is just a brand of 36" unicycle. But now I think I even call them cokers, whatever brand they are.

Nevertheless I may be wrong, you’ll just have to see.

Ps. When I try to say ‘‘Runi’’, it doesn’t feel right at all - the R and U seem hard to pronounce together.

i agree. Muni works cause everyones been saying it for a long time. if you could get alot of people to start refering to road unicycles as Runis, then it might catch on.

MUni is more of a kind of riding than it is a type of unicycle. In fact, cokers, or just 36ers, as some of us like to call them, are excellent at some types of MUni. MUNIaddict has also been demonstrating that 36ers can even be used for trials. (I wish I was as good as him, but I guess I’m not old enough yet)

Additonally, some people use 29ers for the road. others use 29ers for MUni. Some even use 20" unicycles for MUni. A guy in my neighborhood did a road ride from SF to LA on a 26"

MUni also sounds cool. RUni, not so much.

Well, when I had a Coker, I rode it on road, off road, and everywhere I could.

That would make it an Everywhere Uni, or Euni - which serrendipitously could be mistaken by Greek scholars as meaning “Good Uni”. :sunglasses: Pessimists would assume it was a European standard unicycle.:frowning:

Why so many categories? We’re a minority already.

RUni, sounds too much like ruined, I am happy saying “cokering on my 36er” I think 36er is a good descriptive name for this type of unicycle. :slight_smile:

i dunno, people have tried to get Suni or Tuni to catch on before…and to be perfectly frank…its sounds lame.

muni should sound lame, but for some reason it just doesn’t. I like the name muni, but i think the system of putting the first letter of the form of unicycling onto the word “uni” is pretty much restriced to Muni.

I thought this was going to be a thread about RUssian unicycling events.

Brian Mackenzie beat him to it though.


One reason MUni may sound more natural for those of us in California is the MUNI transit system that’s been in San Fransisco for decades.

Bam!! Take THAT, old man!!

Don’t even THINK about it!!!


                                                                          wathell is cokering?!

I must have watched that clip 20 times by now, I still think it would have been even more impressive watching a guy riding a 29er chasing a 36er all decked out in camera gear :astonished:

The only day we had to film that…unbeknownst to me, I had taken Adam’s wife’s house keys with me and she was trapped in Long Island…we unpacked our gear, I found the keys, we packed up the gear and headed back before I got into too much trouble!

that’s the crappy thing about this kind of filming, you have a very small window of opportunity to film it, if it doesn’t work out somehow, or the riders have a bad day…too bad.

I intend to completely make up for it during the RTL movie :slight_smile:

Great video Brian. Some impressive skills weaving in and out of the traffic like that. Didn’t your mother tell you to never play in the traffic :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Watching that makes me want to get a 36’er. Sponsership… anyone ?? Please ?

Hehee… Can’t wait 'til I get my 36er in February.