Rumpel 25 Hour Show (VIDEO???) EJC 2005 in Slovenia

Greetings from Rumpel,

Just putting the word out early…
if you hear of any folks that have any video
footage/photos of my 25 hr show @ the EJC 2005
in Slovenia, i would greatly appreciate to get a hold of

I want to make a ‘Rumpel’ documentary dvd.

Also any footage of my 24 hour show @ the EJC in 2001
in the Netherlands would be great!

Perhaps you can put up a notice at the next
convention. That would be much appreciated!

I also have 3 different Rumpel books for sale. Each book has 40 pages
of funny illustrations & writing. I will get a website up soon with book & payment

Best regards Rumpel!


P.S. I`m working with Cirque Du Soleil now! Crikey!

Re: Rumpel 25 Hour Show (VIDEO???) EJC 2005 in Slovenia

Maaike told me, but we found it hard to believe, as you unique and special style is not very soleil-alike.
Hope you’ll will keep that own personality (and appearance) in your performances!
(or at least save it for once your job is over there).
What show are you on?

Crikey indeed! 25 hours is quite a show. What was it like performing for that long? Did you stop for meals at all?

Well done with the Cirque du Soleil! I saw (some of) your show at Woodford 2004 and have never seen anything else like it.

Jesticulating wildly,


Cheeers folks!
Still looking for some video of
my 25 hr stint, but i’m not getting
much response in regards to any footage.
Who & where are those people who had the video cameras?
Crikes! It’s never easy to get footage from people!
Want to make a dvd before the next century.
I’ll be in the new Cirque/Beatles show in Las Vegas which
starts in May next year!
Cheeers for now!
All the best by jingles!
Rumpel The Worldly Kangaroo Jester Of Oz!!!

Tony, did you see when the big garbage truck backed into my show early in the morning during my 11 hour show at Woodford as it had to fork-lift up a huge garbage bin, but my toys were scattered all over the ground…so it had to wait while 15 helped…helped my get everything out of the way…so the made truck driver get get on with his job?