Rumors, Leaks, and Wild Speculation.

I just found out that Alexrims has produced some lightweight 36" hoops. Todd (the guy we named the tire after) just received a couple sets. I am currently throwing some e-mails around to see how I can get my hands on one.

That’s pretty cool news. I have an AlexRim on my restored old Yuni and it’s a quality product. I’d be excited to see that manifested in a 36".

if you can get your hands on a couple, even better. I know I’d be interested…

I’ve emailed the NZ distributor. Hopefully they’ll order a couple.

The weight looks pretty good, but narrower than the Nimbus Stealth II

I heard mention of this at one of the bike shows last year but never found any info other than a picture. Pretty cool stuff though. Liked my dx32.

Does the 25mm width refer to the inside or outside dimension?


I’m thinking of building a G36 when the new Schlumpf finally comes (yeah, I’m giving myself to save up…) Would be great to get the lightest hoop possible to thread it onto! :smiley:

It’s a little bit skinny by our standards, but not outrageously skinny.

Now for some wild speculation: That rim would go great with a 1.75 tire…

The only problem with a skinnier tire would be it’s need for higher tire pressure. It might be a bumpy ride. But if performance is what you’re after, this is not a problem. I like the “ballooniness” of the36" tires that are currently available, and I also like their super-long tread life. I just don’t like the high weight. I’d still love a 42" wheel with a medium-sized tire, possibly like a 1.75…

Count me in for one :slight_smile:

However would the 2.25" Nightrider tyre fit on this rim? Forgive my ignorance if this is a stupid question.

2.25" on 25mm inner width seems great

The chart covers it, but unless there was also news about a new tire arriving as well, I would expect that rim would be designed to accept the tires that are available now.

Just curious about what this means in the bicycle world. So far, I’ve only seen the Coker “Monster Cruiser,” and custom-made large size bicycles with 36" wheels. Are mainstream bicycle makers looking to build 36"-wheel bikes?

I have seen that chart before and wonder who really rides a 2.5 on a 25mm rim anymore. As far as I can tell it might be valid for mountain bikers who run pretty high pressures and want the lightest (skinniest) rims possible.

My own experience indicates that the ideal tire width to rim width ratio would be no more than 2:1. Any more than that and the tire needs to be pumped up uncomfortably hard to stay stable.

If you used these rims with current 36" tires you wouldn’t be able to air them down like on current unicycle rims. I figure if you are going to have to ride higher pressure, you might as well have a skinnier tire for lighter weight and more flickable feel.

So… I mentioned a long time ago about wanting a ‘skinny’ 36er for road riding… It’s truly a wild speculation, but I would LOVE a skinnier tyre to go with this rim! The TA I’m running seems skinnier than a Nightrider though not by much (And probably seems that way because the Qu-Ax rims are slightly skinnier than the Nimbus ones so the tyre stands up a bit straighter), but I’d love to see something around 1.75" :smiley:

That rim, at 1.5lbs, if the specs are accurate, is a full pound lighter than the stealth rim. Now all we need is a [truly] lightweight 36er tire to go with it! Something narrower for road, a NO WIRE folding bead. That in addition to going tubeless could translate to at least THREE pounds less rotating weight. Huge game changer.

Easier to ship, too.

There are so many mountainbikers riding 2.3/2.4er tires on 19mm rims and wondering about snakebites …

me too
where can i buy one ? :smiley:

We’d need straight rim profile raw material and someone with a curving machine. Then it woult be possible to produce every diameter we want. In addition it would need a jig for boring the spoke holes and of course a thread rolling machine to produce custom length spokes. :slight_smile: