Rumble in the Delta, This Friday

Hey, ya’ll,

The MUC and the DUC are going head-to-head for some cycling action in the Greater Jackson Area, this Friday. Rubber will be hitting dirt around 8am, Sushi in belly around the usual time, then back out to ride 'tell sun down. I figure there will be too many of us for the Federal Marshals to keep off the Down Town realestate, so expect some urban chaos.

Post for a map, and remember to replace AT with @. Come on now -you know you want to! It will be a hoot!

Self Proclaimed Admiral
Delta Unicycle Club


Oh sure! You punks down in the Delta think you are so cool. Just remember that your drinking water passed by us 4 days before getting to you - after we used it.

YES! It will be the MUCsters - vs - the DUCsters. We still need to do the rematch of the Great Memphis College of Art Coker - vs - Uni.5 Drag Race except in this rumble there will be a level playing field with two Cokers. “The Wonder Boy” won’t be making the trip but we will have the “Mud Man” who just can’t wait to do some serious mud slinging.

All those DUCsters should be thanking your stars that we are not bringing our secret weapon - the little Lillie, Sam. We are saving this lad for Japan!

You’re gonna need some back-up from the Big Easy. I’m trying to Tim to drive down from MO.

Someone once said that people in Alabama can’t even ride - whose known 'cuz we ain’t even seen um - ever. Perhaps we would quit taunting them if they would come out and play in the MUC / DUC.

Can’t wait to see you guys - around 8 is it?

The Tominator

Is this what it comes down to… Unicycle gang wars?

could i but come
i would lay waste to thee all
born by my chariot azure,
its lone ring of flame
at first to singe thy faces
then flee to distant places
and leave my thunder in your ears.
yet, you turn too late
to bear witness as i stretch
beyond the jealous pleas of hermes.
ah, sweet delta comrades,
tasting death so young and
yet having seen only my back?
the vapors you see are not your dreams
but the tears i shed in flight for you.

Ok, that about clinches it: Poet, Inventor, Fighting Man. Greg Harper is Doc Savage.

There will be an untouched Root Beer occupying your place at the table as we drink hartilly and slaughter your prose in deeply felt public recitation.


Hey, do they serve root beer at the little known yet the best sushi bar in the world there on the north side of Jackson?



I feel left out of the loop. Apparently I’m involved in this, but I don’t know what organization the DUC would be. :slight_smile:


We like our water used, thank you. It’s a sign of manhood to drink it from the tap … at the treatment plant … which is just a big rusty pipe. We aren’t as manly as the New Orleans folks, but more manly than you guys, based on impurity levels. Bring it on.


I’m your Judas Iscariot,
When I master the Lariat,
I’ll pull down your Chariot,
I’ll burn it, not bury it.

Your scalp I will chisel,
I’ll rip out that grizzle,
Your mojo will fizzle …
Fashizzle, GreHizzle.


Here is a map to my house, where we should meet:


P.S. Just kidding Greg.


Ahhhhh, this is now being billed as one of the classic battles that ranks up there with the Tyson and Lennox, Jets and the Skarks, David and Goliath, Sodom and Gamora.

I’m sure that the only reason that Tim is hessitating to make the drive to Jackson is that he is so far up-stream that he doesn’t even use a water treatment facility - what a wimp! Yeah, well, those sissies in Alabama are less-manly (womanly) than any of us as they are not even in our watershed. Ha!


Sure just call me Notorious U.N.I.


Do you realize that Sodom and Gamorrah were two cities that were destroyed by God according to the Bible, there wasn’t a fight between them

That was supposed to be the funny part, along with the creative spelling.

Hey! I resemble that remark. Well just for that, I’m going to the Mississippi River and peeing a gallon or two into it. In a few hours, it’ll be in Memphis, then into your home.

Actually, I had planned on going, but other committments are pressing. I may be on the road to Dallas. I guess I could drive to Lewis’s, camp out Thursday night, then ride with you Friday morning, hit the road for Dallas after riding. Yeah, that’s no problem. I’m not crazy for even thinking that one up. I’ll ask my girlfriend if that sounds good. Lewis, do you have room for 2?

Doc Savage was a sissy-wuss-Nancy-boy. I beat him arm wrestling while Zeus pelted me with discarded bowling balls and Pete Rose pounded my arm with a baseball bat. I was translating Vergil’s “Aeneid” from Latin to Greek and reciting on the fly while I took him down. Then he cried and ran away.

Let’s hope so. Don’t MAKE me come DOWN there, Lewis.

No problem. If you decide to do it, just let me know in email ( ) or phone (number is on the map) in time so I’ll be home when you arrive (tho I prob will be anyway). I’ll have to wash some sheets, but I wont trouble you with the details. :slight_smile:



BTW for those who wondered, “grizzle” is an old term for “grey hair” or “grey wig”. Just FYI. I got one confused question about it.


that sure was entertaining. thanks guys! :wink:

PS You guys need a unicycling event in Canada… my home and native land… true patriot love… in all thy sons command… with glowing hearts, we see thee rise, a true north strong and free…