Rules of the Trading Post

If you have a unicycle or any unicycle gear that you want to sell or if you want something, then post it here.

Please select the appropriate prefix corresponding to whether you are selling or wanting an item and the continent where you are selling from. For the title, please use a short but descriptive blurb of what the item is. You may also want to mention your country in the title to further narrow down the location.

Once an item is sold, please close your thread.

Transactions resulting from the use of this forum is at your own risk.

All non-unicycling stuff will be removed.



If people could also put any shipping restrictions it the title such as “USA only”, that would be very handy.

Please supply where you live (not exact, but just your city), shipping info for the item(s), and pictures.

Usually those are the main things people ask for, so just adding those to your first post will help a lot, and a price that you want for the item you are looking to sell\buy.

Yes, some people don’t say their Price and will just say “I’m selling a new trials uni.” Or they wont say the amount of money they are looking forward to use while buying something.

they may not know how much the item is worth though. what would you do then?

figure it out?
otherwise people might try to rip you off…

Seller: “I’m selling a profile wheelset with alex dx 24 rim and kenda klaw tire. I dont know how much it’s worth though.”

Potential buyer: “I’ll give you $100 for it!”

You guess, you say the price of what you think it is, if its too high, someone will tell you, if its too low, people here will tell you.

I dont think anyone here will try to rip anyone off, but we do give great deals on items.

Now dont turn this sticky into a discussion.

what is the safest way to do a sale like this?
paypal? i don’t want to get ripped off!!

EX: I send the money and the uni … never gets here

the saftest way would be to go pick up the unicyle from whoever your buying it from and pay them there

i mean if that isn’t a reasonable option


I just accidentally double posted, would have been three, but I got a “must wait 10 seconds between posts”.

Maybee it should be 15 or even 20 seconds.

bored of rules


Do a search retard.

Who are you anyway?

Some randomer who’s trying to p** people off!

Well I’m Canadian so i like to use COD. For those who dont know what COD is maybe this will help.

COD is a service for domestic mail for which an amount due to the sender, up to $1,000, is collected from the addressee before delivery and returned to the mailer. It is a service available to consumer and business mailers. COD is available for parcels only or items mailed at parcel rates.

The amount collected from the addressee can include:

* Amount representing the value of the item.
* Service charge in the case of repairs.
* Sales tax.
* Postage.
* COD fee and special service fees. 

COD cannot be used to collect on items not ordered or requested by the addressee or to collect money owing on previous accounts. Indemnity is available up to $1,000. Items sent COD must abide by Canada Post mail preparation requirements. The amount of the COD collected from the addressee will be forwarded to the sender by Postal Money Order when payment is made by cash or by cheque drawn up by the addressee payable to the sender.

DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM - new geared unicycles

Hello !

My name is Ioan “Dakoroman” OASA, Sydney, Australia.

I do not have unicycles or unicycle gears to sell, not yet.

I have invented “DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM”, suitable for GEARED UNICYCLES and other human powered vehicles HPV’s (bicycles, especially folding bicycles, recumbent, tandem, tricycles, etc).

I want to contact people/ manufacturing companies able/ willing to produce/ manufacture/ market/ sell the many applications of DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM.

Please, contact me at,

Mobile : 0423 226 552

Thank you very much.

and pls send a picture, no one wants to buy a uni then relise its a heap of cheap old junk!!!

also make sure to stay in contact with the seller/buyer, just so you have confirmation.

For Sale:Seat and seat post

I have a numbus gel seat blue color bought in Jan.:slight_smile:

Seat post stock from a nimbus 29er. :sunglasses:

Give me an offer by Dec 3.:smiley: