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Where can I find rules for muni competitions?

The Unicycling Society of America, Inc. competition rule book contains a complete set of observed trials rules, but it is not up to date with Kris’s latest thinking. I’m sure Kris is getting ready to submit these revised rules to the Rules Committee. The floor is currently open to new proposals.

I believe Kris maintains a Web site with his current proposed trials rules, but I can’t recall the Web address off the top of my head. I’m sure others on this forum will be able to help you.

The USA, Inc. competition rule book may be found at:

Thanks, I found Kris’ trials rules at

So the rules for trials and natural terrain trials are the same then? Does that mean there are no completely ‘natural’ courses without man made obstacles in muni trials competitions?

I don’t think any of the rules that currently exist have any distinction between natural and man-made obstacles.

For racing-type events, we use less rules than track racing. Same basic rules, but no limitations on wheel size or crank length. So it’s a lot more experimental than track racing. We do require knee, hand/wrist and head protection (helmets).

I see. Are there any such thing as a muni trials competition with only natural obstacles?