Rule updates for the Unicycling Society of America

This message is for people planning, considering, or are a part of the
Unicycling Society of America.

The next issue of On One Wheel features an article about a significant change to
the artistic freestyle competition this year at Nationals 2001 in Toronto,
Ontario, July 16 to 21.

The change reflects the USA Rulebook Committee’s decision to move away from the
age-group divisions, using ability-group divisions instead. This reduces the
overall number of categories significantly, which means there should be more
than just one or two riders in any one group. It also creates more equal
competition, since riders will compete against others of similar skill.

In addition, an entirely new category in artistic freestyle, Open-X, has been
created for anyone 15 and up. This open category allows riders to showcase their
tricks and skills in a nontraditional format.

The links to these articles describing the important changes are available at There’s also an article that summarizes the
other USA Rulebook changes, such as the decision to change the 1600 m race to
1500 m to match the international competition.

If you haven’t already, now’s the time to sign up for Nationals 2001. And take a
few minutes to review these articles about the changes that are in store for
this year, too. This will be a very interesting year for us as we try out a
whole new approach to the competition. So plan to be in Toronto this summer. You
won’t want to miss it!

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