Ruined. Irretrievably ruined.

How’s this for a wreck? Lesson learned? Don’t have your uni in the back of a car when you crash and burn.

burnt uni.jpg


what happend that created som much destruction to one wheel lol

Holy SMOKES! :smiley: Now that is one wrecked uni!

lol … no wonder they never found Hoffa … :smiley:

Was is just an electrical fire outof control…? or an accident …?

I hope your OK, and that they didn’t find Hoffa’s teeth :smiley:

That frame is heat tempered now… it’s stonger ! :smiley:

you sould aution that carcuss off on here to fund a new one.

Try to ride it.

You can’t post a picture like that without more of an explanation. Now you have people worried about you. Are you okay? If that’s the uni what happened to the car? Hope you are ok.

Re: Ruined. Irretrievably ruined.

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That’s one of those new 4:1 geared Outtaphazes, right?

like i said: nomex.

“speed kills”

brave sir stupid is played by max monningh, <>

Okay, first off, it wasn’t my uni, my jeep, nor my accident. But the involved guy doesn’t post here, and I just couldn’t let the image go to waste. I thought everyone here might like it.

Here’s the tale:

I ride with three other guys on trails. One of the guys is a sixteen year old who just got his driver’s license. He’s not a bad driver, did his graduated learner’s permit stuff without incident, and his dad- another one of the trail riders- taught him to drive off-road and everything.

All that wasn’t enough to keep him from plowing a stately ol’ deciduous hardwood on one side of a gravel road. He and his bud John (the fourth in our riding group) got out of the Jeep Cherokee just about the time it caught fire.

The unicycle, which was his late Christmas gift, and which he and his dad had been planning on and saving for, was in the back of the jeep.

The missing crank melted off of it. Look at the picture again. Eek.

The frame’s probably salvageable, but that’s about it. Heat Tempered now, just like Digital Dave says.

Wow, that’s got to be the most messed up uni I have ever seen. What brand was it originally?

Thanks for sharing the photo!

Trogdor strikes again!

Gravel roads = much fun :smiley:

He probably ‘lost it’ in a ‘fishtail’.

I remember a gurl … :smiley: affectionatly called “Plastic Pam”
(only adults get an explaination)

… she was ‘having fun’ while I was in her car…
… when she ‘lost it’ in a ‘fishtail’ …
… the car slid horizontal to the ditch on the opposite side of the road… and sloooowwwwly rolled up onto it’s side…

She fell on top of me… and I was eating grass throu the passenger window :smiley:

We couldn’t push it back over.

It was a long ‘drunken walk’ in the middle of nowhwere …

… ah yes… the memories of small town fun :smiley:

I believe it was this wheel, though I hadn’t seen it often enough yet to really remember…


And here’s the lost, lamented jeep…

burnt cherokee02.jpg

No, that couldn’t be it… It was defenitely the 2005 KH24. Well as far as insurance is concerned.

I’ll pass that along to Kevin. Expert analysis says that it was a new KH. Got it. Everyone here will back me up, right? Right, BraveSir? Bugman?

The lawyer’s on the phone…

ive got your back

ooo … thats a high speed impact.

By the circumfrence of that dent… that tree probably wasn’t phased. He’s a lucky guy, any glass in the face, or contusions from the steering wheel to the chest ?
(I’m shuttering from a similar experience)

Not if I was the claim rep. This insurance adjuster knows the difference.

You bugman, me adjusterman.:smiley: