Klass Bill: Crank size: 4" Torker which makes a big difference for me switching from my 5" original Schwinns.
You have forgotten that I am in Denver. There are many long trafic lights on my rout, two of which I hit every day lasting a total of 3 minutes. There are also other obsticles- I have to pause 3 times on my route to hop up curbs ( a real b**** with bags). I will try ankling, sounds like it will help.

GizmoDuck: Rugby rocks, that’s what I’m doing playing it here. I don’t have a muni, eliminting your sugested problem of finding shorter cranks.
I don’t hold my saddle while riding (I only hold it for off road, going over obsticles, curbs, etc.). I’ve been riding for 5 years so it is pretty natural to me, just like walking.

onewheeldave: A bigger backpack for everything is out of the question. I don't want to carry all my gear around to school, or carry my school stuff to the pitch. I leave the kit in my locker during the day, and leave my backpack in there during practice.
4" cranks are fine for the terrain I face. I never have any UPD's (not to brag).

Wow, eeeeeexcelent - Rugby in Colorado !!

Great to see the old religion is being kept alive over there. We all know about how good the All Blacks, Wallabies and Springboks are (they keep telling us, so I expect this reply will cause a couple more re-iterations from down-under - YES, I KNOW YOU ARE BETTER AT OUR OWN GAME THAN WE ARE !!!), but it would be fantastic if you Eagles & Cannuks could join the top table too (please, please, please beat the French and the Welsh).

If I ever make it over there to Colorado, I’ll bring my Coker and carry your bags for you - can’t say fairer than that !

As for the bags, couldn’t you carry a bag within a bag ? Or surely there must be some sort of bags zipping/velcroing together arrangement. Personally I can ride long distances with a fairly heavy load on my back, but not holding in my hands.

Anyway, 15-20 minutes isn’t alot of time to lose from your day in order to do two things you love doing anyway, i.e. uni & rugby.

Enjoy them both to the full while you still can - I gave up playing rugby nearly 20 years ago due to a back injury, but have taken unicycling seriously for only the last 5 or 6 years - both sports rock.

Rugby - where William Webb Ellis picked up the ball & ran

I have always respected the All Blacks, but I love England and Irland which could be sacreligious in a way. But deep down, Canada is my favorite. I am kind of glad US hasn’t done much by way of rugby because I think if we got good, you all would be pissed off what with Bush being an asshole to everyone (even the US citizens), and Lance kicking ass in France’s own race. Then on the other hand, if US did grow balls and learned to play the real game (not American I-need-pads-and-helmets-too-many-cust-and-bruises-otherwise) it would be nice to have it become a national passtime.