Rucksack for a few days unicycle ride.

Hi all!

I’m just wanting a bit of advice on what size and type of rucksack to buy for about a week long unicycle ride. (camping)

Also what gear should i be looking at getting?

Thanks for any replies :slight_smile:

hey man im going scotland in a few weeks to do the fort wllian to inverness leg of the great glen way and im taking a 30l rucksack , this beast also has back renforcments so it does not rest on your back its really good.
im also taking a saddle bag to fill with treats ( energy bars mint cake and the like ) ill attach a kit list to give you a idea of whats in there bud :slight_smile:

kit list upload.txt (1.78 KB)

That helps tremendously!

So 30L should be plenty for a week long trip then?

I keep looking at 60L and wondering if it’d be enough lol!

Thanks for the list, i have been making one similar and after reading yours i realise i’ve been putting a lot of stuff on there i don’t need…

I suppose i really need to just get the basics like a tent a backpack (could you tell me your type) Then all the bits and pieces that i’d need (clothes, hygene, food and emergeny stuff)

I already have a decent sleeping bag (is this a bivvy?) And also all my cooking equipment.

bring a small medical kid :slight_smile: i used mine this weekend

Good point Knox…That is definetly on my list.

That comes under ‘emergency stuff’ to me :wink:

Also do a full unicycle check before you ride :slight_smile:

yeah i dont acctully have a tent what i have is a bivvi bag and a tarp , i stringthe tarp between the unicycle and a walking stick ( if i cant find somthing to run a line between ) and sleep under that very small and verry light and very flexible :slight_smile:
it is a squease to fit everthing in a 30l but if you use a saddle bag as well it should be fine

It’s not gonna be for a few months by which time i reckon i’ll have a new one…I’m not sure if i should get another 36er (kh) or maybe travel on a 29 due to having a large pack on my back…

Ah right i see.

Not sure i’d fancy that…I like being in a tent when i sleep, makes me feel a bit safer :slight_smile:

The tent i’m looking at is verrrry light though (less that a kilo!)

nice i think my set up was like 50 quid so i cant complain ( im skint )
and yes i would say go on a 29er far eaiser to mount with weight on ( i did 12 miles today with 10 kg of weight in my pack ) and if your camping you have all day to get where your going your in no rush
oh and my backpack is a berghaus freeflow 25+5 last years style could of had this years style but predered last years (slightly longer sits better on my hips )

This is what i was thinking…Ok next question (sorry i have many!)

Which 29 to go for? Not sure how much xc i’ll be doing but i’d like it to be able to manage grass at least :stuck_out_tongue:

You didn’t mention which rucksack you went for either…I’m looking at this one now…Are you sure 30L is gonna be big enough to fit tent, sleeping bag and clothes and stuff in?

How long is your trip gonna take you?

thats this years version of the one i have i think
and the 30L and the saddle bag are enough for me but i do travel light and on my trip im also gonna climb some mountians and probably go off the beaten track a lot but it will take me probably 4 maby 5 days
go for the 29er you know its smart

A KH29? Nimbus 29?

Does the 30L fit sleeping bag, tent and clothes in?

well i ride a nimbus with a T7 but im old school like that if you can afford a kh go for a kh but it makes very little differnce with somthing so untechnical i would say ( is that the word)

If it isn’t it’ll do :stuck_out_tongue:

So nimbus sounds good to me for this one, if i can save a few £££s towards my trip i may aswell…

The reason for so many questions is that i’ve never done any hiking camping longer than 2 nights and never on a uni. I just wanna make sure i get everything right.

I am just starting on the unicycle, but I have done a LOT of hiking including week-long and two week-long trips.

Best advice:

  1. read up on ultralight hiking. There are tons of sites out there. Summertime, you should be able to carry less than 15-20 pounds of gear - less if you eat out. (You get to leave out the food and cook gear) Figure out what you will do in the rain. Wait it out or continue.

  2. do a couple shake down over night trips before the longer trip. They will teach you a great deal about what works for you.


For a comfortable ride just bring this

and rain gear. :wink:


this seems pretty slick…

no mattress pad or tent steaks, you may not even need a sleeping bag, depending on season.

  • 1 on ultra light :slight_smile:

If you wear 661 4x4 & 2x4’s, or other soft armor, you can use them for a sleeping pad.

If you have a waterproof or synthetic sleaping bag, you can do w/o a tent.

Wrap up some of your clothes and and suplies then stuff them in a shirt for a pillow.

We have a couple of Hennessy Hammocks - they’re really nice. Mine only took me a couple of minutes to set up from the second time I did it.
I suspect that Shug may know something about these crazy hammock things…