Rubbing thighs

When i am hopping my thighs begin to kill. The seat rubs against them
too much… Is my seat too high? Are my thighs to fat?


that used to happen to me but i guess the more u practice it sort of just …goes away. i hope that helps, and if it doesnt then too bad

What seat are you using? I find wider seats tend to rub my thighs a lot more. Some seat designs work well for me while others don’t

Different people have different body shapes. There will be a seat out there that is the most comfortable seat available for your body shape. If you can’t find one you really like you can start playing with customising the seat foam, inserting air pillows etc.

That said, some of the chafing can be reduced by wearing appropriate clothing. Jeans are bad. Bike shorts help a lot.

Your inner thighs will toughen up over time.

Other methods of reducing chafing include the use of lubricants (butt butter and the like) or sprinkling some talcum powder down your pants (I use this on long distance rides).

Re: Rubbing thighs

Thats exactly what happened to me but after a week it stopped, been riding for about 5 weeks now, now the rubbing has came back. hmmm

just deal with it for now and it will soon go away or get bike shorts and where them under your pants

Yup, this is very true. I find that KH seats tear my legs apart while miyatas don’t. Solution: use only miyatas.