rubber pads between bearings and forks

hi there,

i just upgraded from a no-name ebay-purchased uni to a qu-ax luxus. my old uni came with thin rubber pads to place between the bearings and the forks, but the qu-ax doesn’t.

since i just happen to have a spare sheet of thin rubber lying around, would it be worth cutting some pads from this and putting them in? perhaps this would make it easier to get a tight fit without stressing the bearings?

my engineer flatmate suggests the rubber is only in the old uni to make up for crappy manufacturing tolerances, which seems plausible, even if the idea of fastening two smooth bits of metal together seems a bit weird to me.


With all my unis, and all the others I have seen, you dont need the rubber to cover your bearings. They hold up fine being metal to metal.

Pix, I’d say your flatmate is right, since only my cheapest uni came with the rubber bits.