RTL Who's Who (please read if you were there)

The Unicyclist Formally Known As Arnold The Aardvark
Team #56: The old Peculiers


Great idea!

Chuck from team Smile here (but my name is pretty obvious :p)

Corbin Dunn, from Texacali.

Picture from Roland, me at the start of the Time Trial on Wednesday.

Tue Johansen from team 23 “Lost Wheelers”

here a picture of Tom, Mille and me hiking in Spain

Jason, Team Flirt (or Team Fart) support, purveyor of beverages, instigator of pyrotechnics and breaker of hearts.

Try again with image this time.

Dan Hansen, Mike Sabourin (& wife Carol) Surly Speed Goats - team #39

Jim-West Coast Cokers


oops - i’m being kack-handed. read the next post, it’s more interesting.

holy schmoly! I never realised you were you… I’ll drink to that.

Dave Cox, #28 Manly Legs

Dude with the really bright red hair!

Kyle DeMilner - Team Unicycle Max (86)

I’m the one who isn’t Max and isn’t “Papa Max”

Also, I found it pretty helpful to see people put their team name in their title. It probably helps to further piss off the people who weren’t there, but it’s helpful nevertheless.

Nice thread. We are Nathan and Beau Hoover from California - Team Yellow Line Fever!

Oops, forgot Beau’s photo. Mine was by Carl Hoyer and Beau’s is by Mike Penton.


Beau crop.jpg

Great photo.

Like that one a lot.

Joe Myers
Puget Sounders #99


How’s the leg, Joe?

That’s an unusual tyre size - what is it?

I’m pretty sure its a 40 or 44… Could be wrong. I was hoping to see more of that beast, but I guess with the solid tire you feel the road way too much.

Joe’s pictured on a Semcycle big wheel with 43" wheel. Not the best vehicle for RTL, I think he only used it a few times. But it sure looks cool.

Joe, I hope surgery went well and you will have a swift recovery!