RTL Who's Who (please read if you were there)

So, I met a lot of awesome unicyclists at RTL, and I’m sure that the majority of them are on here. Please post with your real name and your team if you were at RTL. Thanks!

Eric Evenchick - North American Youth (97)

Ken Looi- Gizmoduck- Team NZUNI (27)

James Spurling - North American Youth - 97

Post a picture if you are comfortable doing so.

Geoff Elder, # 6, Team Balance

David Stone, Team: Centurions (100). I’m not good with attachments, but I looked like a guy with a bald head and bald legs. I wore a Brooklyn biking shirt on day 5. I also looked like a guy who would try to pick up a snapping turtle. I hope this helps.

Levi Pounds #25 Team Tricycle

Good idea Eric!

Also looks like the guy who was the main interviewee in the awesome documentary about The New York Unicycle Club.

Jordan Armstrong - Team Manly Legs

Steve Relles - Personal Rollercoaster #87

Father and Daughter Uni - sm.jpg

Eric Pulvermacher
Team Manly Legs #28

no picture, uh I was the bearded dreaded guy :slight_smile:

Yeah, sort of hard not to notice. :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Lutz Eichholz
Tallest guy from the condor demo team

Kevin - Texacali. I’m the guy with the pink helmet.

Perry Woodin
Team Balance #6


James - team goonies (in the middle)

Spencer - Team Goonies (left - the guy with the sunburnt Mohawk)

Joe - team goonies, the one in the right on the pic above.

What an awesome idea for a thread! Whole names to associate with avatars we may have known for years, with faces!

John Foss, Team #100, Centurions. The guy with the beard that’s not all white. That would be White. Dave White. I’m going to shave mine pretty soon…

Dan Hansen - Surly Speed Goats (39)

Ian Gallant
Team Venture