RTL: where are the riders today? Scott Wilton

Fifteen year-old Wilton at RTL’s Criterium in 2008, finishing 45th.

In 2024, Scott is the Muni Director at Unicon 21, in Bemidji, MN. He writes: “Unicycling for 21 years.I have been helping with unicycle events for many years and I’m excited to help with the first Unicon in the US since I started riding! It’s a community that has given me so much over the years and it’s great to continue to be part of it. Muni and road riding are my favorite disciplines!”

Scott at 10k Unicon 2016 Spain - Photo: Tom Holub

At RTL, Wilton rode with Team Too Young to Drive (two 15y year-olds & a 13 year-old), which finished 22nd, and was part of the KH Factory Team from 2015-18. He’s now retired from competition.


Scott is one of the riders I’ve always had so much fun with. We always had a very similar level, especially in race conditions. We’d always hold together at the start line and whoever would finish first would wait at the finish line for the other to arrive haha!

Wonderful memory, thank you!