RTL style race possibility - Adirondack 540 - Sept. 2010

There is a crazy bike race in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate NY that might offer a good opportunity for some Ride The Lobster style unicycling. Its a 540mile race on a 136mi lap through the mountains. Teams are allowed, and it is an official qualifier for the Race Across America (RAAM).

The 2009 race is coming up 18-20 Sept. We obviously aren’t going to get any teams together by then, but I thought I’d see if there would be interest in racing in 2010. It would be great if we could get at least 2 teams.

You can do fewer than the full 4 laps. Teams of 2-8 are allowed. More race details are here. Course map and elevation are posted here.

I can imagine a few different ways uni’s could do it. Unlike RTL this race runs day and night, but loops a big lap so folks can stay at the hotel. A team of 4 could split up into 2 pairs with one group doing a day lap, the other doing a night lap, etc… This could be done with 2 support people, or, more hard core, without any support. Larger teams could split more, and presumably ride faster. Curious to hear what others think would be the best uni strategy.

I wanted to post this now and see what kind of interest there is. If all the regional riders who went to RTL were interested I think we could put together 3-4 teams. If we could attract a few more distant riders it could get even more interesting (the bikers are not too many, but come from all over).

Eric from American Mojo already said he’s interested.

What do you think?

I’m interested! And since it’s close to home, it might be very possible. It’d be a hoot to have a team with you, Steve, etc… Anyway, keep me posted, and pm or email me if I don’t happen to respond.


yes, please


Wish I could say I’d be there but it just isn’t realistic for me. I don’t think I would be ready for the climbing. I live in South Jersey, its about as flat as you can get. Also I don’t like the cold to much especially if it starts to rain, unless there is a paycheck waiting for me at the end of the week(I work outside). Good luck to all and anyone that attempts this. I look forward to the race reports.

Very interested especially since it would be absolutely perfect timing for me as my seasonal job ends in late August. And it give me an excuse to get back into 36ering. Depending on how many fish I catch I might even be able to justify a geared hub for this :slight_smile:

To me, it’s not RTL style unless fireworks, alcohol and partial nudity are part of the race. And ridiculously huge dinners.

I read nothing in your post of team support. The web site says “support crews are highly recommended, but not mandatory”.

I’ll offer my support services at a low cost, based on the team’s proximity to the west coast… hopefully Tom can get a PNW team together?

We did a fun RTL training ride on part of the route back in April 08, here’s a vid from that, shows some of the scenery before green-up. Sept should have great autumn color. - ro


the song

Hey Roland,
Nice video. What’s the song playing on the video?


I would prob. be interested. Sounds fun.

I’m totally in!

will the climbing be possible on a 36er?
i’m interested, no idea yet if i could work it out with family and work…

count me in as far as interested goes!

I’m keen and I’m pretty sure my RTL mate Shaun (Singapore) is too - he’s conveniently in NY. I’ll pass the note.

Hmmm tempting.

@ AJ - Song is “On the Road” by the String Cheese Incident.

@ Turtle - I haven’t ridden the whole course, but imagine a 36er and/or Guni would be appropriate. Might be worth having a 29er, or 36er with big cranks, along for the largest climbs.

There is a race up the biggest climb in the area 13 Sept 09 (not part of this race) that Steveyo and I are doing. Eric did it on a 36er earlier this year, with 175’s I think.