RTL: So long, and thanks for all the lobster.

I just want to say a humungous “Thank you!!!” to all the organisers, and to all the other teams for making the race as friendly and good-natured as it was.

We had a good time leap-frogging with some of the other tail-enders on some of the days, especially the Smart Fellers, Yam Power and the Bunnies. Thank you all for being such good sports. Jake: I hope your knee gets better soon. Jim: mooning me only made me go faster.

We achieved our primary goals of not being last, and of drinking a few beers, which is excellent. Not quite sure how we got an award for partying though …

The Old Peculiers

As the “Arnold the Aardvark” you will always be known as a party animal. No one downs ice cream with the gusto that you exhibit. Especially went it’s already ant covered.

He earned a LOT of ice cream at RTL.

Alan you rode the last leg Friday in Baddeck, right? We saw you riding up to the last left before Baddeck at the end of Friday.

Good to see you in the airport that one last time.

We enjoyed racing you guys, Alan and doing so made the kilometers go by much faster…ay. My hats off to you old peculiars for keeping us on our toes. It took everything we had (including switching every 1.6-3 km) to beat you, and you’re probably nearly twice our age! My knee is doing better, thanks. I was pretty disappointed that I could not race the last two days but I rode my ass off Monday through Wednesday and had a great time.

My hats go off to the 3 teams that we got to know every day … Personal Rollercoaster, NZUni, and the German Speeders. We had such a blast getting to know these teams and a great time watching the event unfold. What a great week!!

Aww you say the nicest things. But my wife thinks I should lay off the ice cream for a bit. And - worse - the beer.

I had final leg fever, and was steaming along for most of the last 10 km. Steaming by my standards, at any rate - it’s a bit like one of those tiny narrow gauge engines fat guys sit on to fulfill their boyhood dreams of becoming a train driver. :slight_smile:

And you. Did your flight get cancelled? We were late but OK.


Sat.PM flight was canceled. Stayed at a hotel and flew out Sun AM.

My original post should have started: As support for Texacali, my hats …

I would love to see everyone again, but it was nice seeing people in the airport one last time before making what ended up being a VERY long trip back home. better at the end than at the beginning, I guess

Huge thanks to everyone there. The recpetion by the people of Nova Scotia was amazing, the event came together very well and the sportsmanship was awesome. Thanks to all the teams that helped us along the way.

Lets do it again some time.

For sure again! I might even train for it if something like this happens again! I enjoyed every minute of it (although I might of said something different come Teusday morning!) I can say for our team (Team Tricycle) that we had a blast, and by no means were we a team in the front of the pack! But non the less we came for the experience and thats we got more than that!

It was great to meet so many people! I can’t wait for something like this to happen again!

Thanks to the organisers & sponsors, it was a very enjoyable event.

The people of Nova Scotia who were all so friendly, from the school kids to the waving car drivers and finally the many people we chatted with whilst waiting for changeovers.

Finally, as Alan has already said, we had great fun racing our competitors particularly the Smart Fellers, Yam Power and the Bunnies.


The Old Peculiers

A huge plus one. The social benefits of this event for me were unmatched by any other even of any type I have attended. I got to meet many of you and was able to put so many faces to names. Loved my team and every minute of riding, even though like Russ said, I may not have felt that way in the moment. Especially the wet moments.

Glad to have finished and accomplished this feat. Thanks to everyone who lined their driveways and schoolyards to cheer us on. Even when 30 riders had past already, you were as excited as ever.

Seeyou all next time