RTL: snapshots from the race

The endless rolling hills of Nova Scotia’s Ride the Lobster marathon.

Texacali riders, Corbin Dunn and Kevin Chang exchange the GPS baton, AJ Greig looks on
hand-off kevin chang corbin dunn
Texacali finished 3rd, 0:59:11 behind the first place finishers.

Typical sight on Nova Scotia’s roads, fully loaded pulp trucks, always in a hurry © John Foss image.

German Speeder in the relentless rain of Day 2. Photo credit: schlumpf.ch


That last picture… takes a lot of determination to ride in such conditions.

That’s one of the German Speeders. In his registration profile he wrote: “Hi! I´am Johannes Helck. I was born in 1986 in Kandel, (Germany), so I´m 22 years old. I learned to ride the unicycle at the age of 17, but before I was racing cyclist. I started to use the unicycle for traveling trips soon. I was only at two competitions, Unicon Langenthal, (Swiss) and the unicycle marathon in Düsseldorf, (Germany). I was one of the first riders with a 36 Wheel and a Schlumpf drive in 2006. Besides unicycling I am a skilled chemical worker.” Helck finished 51st in the Day Three time trials. His teammates, Arne Tilgen and Jan Logemann, finished 3rd and 7th respectively.
He does look very determined in that picture, doesn’t he?

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He does indeed.
By the way, thank you for posting all this information about RTL. While I don‘t read all of it (I‘m not exactly into long distance riding, or racing, let alone a combination of both) I really do appreciate the effort and time you put into these posts about RTL. I think it’s a valuable archive and there‘s always something interesting to read or see.