RTL riders: Have you made self-improvements???

A few months ago, I underwent nose surgery to open up the airway in my left nostril that had been very obstructed because of my deviated septum. For the first time in over two decades, I can now ride fast without looking like a carp. I chose to have this surgery, in large part, because of the upcoming RTL. I was wondering who else has had self-improvements in order to compete more effectively.

We all know that Ken Looi has titanium splints in his lower legs. Ken, are you planning on any more enhancements? Or have you already had several bones replaced without telling us?

And I heard that Team Evil, from North Korea, was training underwater and using American drugs to train… or was that “Shaolin Soccer”?

See you all in three weeks!!!

PS: I chose not to use any smilies to indicate humor in this post because I was hoping it would be obvious. The only thing about this post that is true is about my own nose.

I have shaved off all my hair. I am now significantly more aerodynamic, plus I never get helmet hair anymore.

Maybe I will shave go faster stripes into my hair before RTL. Or dye my head red, as we all know red is faster.


racing skins

Maybe we should all wear those aerodynamic racing skins like swimmers now use. That could shave a few seconds off each day’s time!

Funny you should say that. I actually had all the hardware removed. I reckon I’ve saved at least 300g…I need to weight those screws and plates. They weren’t titanium anyway, just surgical steel.

I have removed some of the excesss skin on my knees and elbows.

OK, but did you remove the bionic parts as well?

Would it be frowned upon if there was a support vehicle driving directly behind their rider with one of those huge, industrial grade fans aimed at their back to give them a good tailwind? :wink: (Just wondering though if the cigarette lighter/power port would be enough to spin the 5’ diameter fan blades for hours at a time!:stuck_out_tongue: ) Maybe one of these turned backwards, but it might be a tad loud, and it might also slow the support vehicle down as it would be creating a serious headwind for the car, lol!


My head is red on the inside. :wink:

As for me, I have modified the shape of my right collar bone, but so far this does not seem to be an improvement. Also I have lost about 20 pounds that I apparently didn’t need, which should help me get up the hills!

I’ve dropped from 150 lbs to 148.5, so I’m looking pretty svelt, too.

I’m hovering around 145 lbs. lately instead of my typical, wimpier 135-140 self.

I’m still a wimp at 135.

I do have laser-enhanced vision!


Listing one’s weight is kindof meaningless with out knowing your height! So if corbin was, say 4’8" and 135, that might be on the chunky side lol. I’m 6’ tall and weigh 142lbs.

Hmm, interesting David. I will probably need this surgery later in life also. I have been going to the Chiropractor for a few weeks now once a week.
She says that while unicycling may not be the greatest in terms of shock transfer through the spine over bumps, it really does help to stimulate the muscles in this area (keep in mind she is a non unicyclist). My back feels significantly stronger.

vision thing: check. I had Lasik back in 2001 (not specifically for this race, but uni’ing was a BIG factor in this decision. I hated riding in glasses, esp in the rain.

Weight loss: check. I’m down to a svelte 175 from a top weight of 197; I’m 5’10". My recent training has also added a lot of muscle to my legs and left arm (my extension-holding arm).

Hair-removal: check. I’ve shaved my head for better aerodynamics. I’m not sure if I’ll shave my legs.

I’m 3’2", 148.5 lbs. BTW, you’re a twig, dude.

Why thank you sir! More like a steel twig, lol! Haha no, just not much body fat. I’ve worked hard to get in this, the best shape of my life! Riding 7 days a week, laying off the fast food and no alcohol (since 1987!) helps too! :smiley: I’m really not interested in having a body builder/muscular physique; Swimmers build all the way. And the less weight to carry around the better! I’m still not as thin as KH though lol. :sunglasses:

I have been trying to gain muscle weight the past few years actually. I’m now 5’9 and a little under 155 pounds. Being a light rider is great and all, but think practically…what happens when a bear attacks you during the race and you need to fight it off by hand? Those extra hours I have been putting in lifting weights during lunch will pay off in that situation for sure.

Haha! Even the biggest, meanest SOB is no match for a bear! And no offense, but you at 155 lbs and the bear-(brown bear as example) on average- is 500-900 lbs! Yeah, you stand a better chance than me with your extra 12 lbs LOL!!! :roll_eyes: If anything, he’ll go for the slightly bigger & fatter person; there’s more to eat!

Unfortunately no. First off I won’t fly. The second is that I don’t think I’m in good enough shape to compete.:frowning:

165cm and 58kg.

I think 56kg is closer to my race weight. I may drop closer to 1kg before the race hopefully.