RTL(Ride the Lizard) Seat build

I just finished building my second seat, this one for my Coker V2 and RTL. I call it Ride the Lizard because I used purple lizard embossed cow hide for the cover. Since I don’t know how to show multiple photos in one post, I’ll post several. First is my handle bar build.

I cut up a road bike handle bar and use MTB bar ends.
Here’s the parts:


Had a local hot rod guy weld it up, since welding aluminum takes special equipment. It is very stiff and very light:


The seat started with the super sexy Scott Wallis base. If you guys have not seen or ridden one of these, you need to. It is so far superior to any other system.
Here I have assembled all the stuff:


For this seat, I used two different densities of closed cell foam, a softer foam lamenated to the harded foam with spray foam adhesive. I then rough shaped it on the band saw.


Next, was final shaping with an electic carving knife(especially good for the gonad groove!). Rough sandpaper finalized the shape:


wow. i want one.
looks dam* sexy.

Now, for sewing up the cover. I came up with a strange pattern that seems to work for my last seat. I sew nylon webbing with velcro to pull the center over the cover tight in the groove. The foam is also velcroed to the base.


Here is the final seat. Scott Wallis also sent me a prototype rear bumper out of a new kind of carbon fiber. He wants to know how it works out. Sure looks great and is really light:


yes indeed, but how does it feel??

The bottom view: Get a load for that sexy carbon fiber!


I weighed the seat. It was 139 grams less with the aero bars than the KH Freeride without. This included the Thompson seatpost vs the regular Coker aluminum cut to the same length. Total weight with post, bars, brake lever:


Can’t wait to ride it:

Another view. Don’t know if anyone is interested in this, but it was really fun to make and a quick ride up and down my street, it feels great! Never rode with bars before, but now I understand.


Really great! I made a simialr one for my Muni that is comfy for hours. Haven’t a long ride on this one yet, but a quickie felt great.

quickies normaly do…

Oh? How would you know?? Hmm? I mean, you don’t even have a coker! :slight_smile:

That looks like a really clean and professional job you did there. I’d be interested in seeing the pattern you used for the cover. The handle you made looks excellent!

Beautiful rig, Jim. Master craftsmanship! I gotta get one of them snake skin seats.


HAHA…oh i do. trust me.

Wow Jim! That’s great! Looks awesome. How much are you selling them for?! :slight_smile:

That looks simply amazing, I’m really loving the setup, I’ll have to ask municycle.com if they can stock scott wallis seatbases